Did I burn these lawns?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawncuttinfoo, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. lawncuttinfoo

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    I ended up putting down Lesco 10-0-20 65% PPSCU 10%FE on a couple of lawns in 95 degree heat. Because I fugured with that much slow release it would be very hard to burn. The lawn in these pictures has a lot of shade and was seeded this spring, it had been very thin and weak looking even months after seeding. Now it looks like all the newely seeded grass is gone.

    Another lawn I was not able to get pictures of had been established for years and now there are large brown patches in areas of the yard with zero shade.

    We went through the hottest and driest season in 20 years. Could this be a result of only the weather, only my fertilizing, or a combo of both?



  2. TforTexas

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    I doubt you burned the lawn with that fertilizer. You would have had to apply a 50 lb bag over just 1 or 2,000 sq ft in order to burn I would think. I hate looking at pictures but is there powdery mildew on those leaf blades or is that and illusion? It could just be burn. If you are going through a hot dry summer than even an irrigated lawn can do dry in spots and burn in just one day. It then looks really bad a week or two later and is hard to diagnose because it might be wet and cooler when you are looking at the brown spot.
    Also you mentioned new seed area in shade? Was it a Shade mix seed? sometimes they contain alot of creeping red fescue which will "check out" when it gets over 95 degrees especially when fertilized.
  3. lawncuttinfoo

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    No powerdy material in some areas it was like every 5th blade was brown and in other areas it was every 5th blade was green and the others were completly brown/grey/gone

    The seed was most likely a contractor grade quick grow mix since it was layed by some utility company after they ripped apart the lawn.

    That makes me feel better, because the most I layed down was 25 lbs on the 7K lawn and 15 lbs on the 1,500 sq ft lawn.
  4. lawncuttinfoo

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    speaking of the creeping red I did personally put down a sun shade vigro mix on a 3rd lawn which I believe had mostly fescue(not sure which) to patch some areas that a previous lawn care provider made turns on and it came up real fast and filled in. then during that same heat spell it died and the areas look the same as before the seed, soil.

    I am interesed in learning more information about grass seed specificly different strains of fescue and bluegrass. I had never heard of the creaping red dying in heat before, about the most I know is fescue for shade and bluegrass for sun. :)
  5. tdkx

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    The next time you take photos of a diseased area make sure to take one from a distance so as to see the disease signature a bit better. I'd have to say you have some sort of fungus going on there from the looks of it. Was that lawn irrigation by chance? You are in my market area so you should know who to call. There are a couple of Lesco service centers in the area and they have been very helpful with seed etc. There is also another company called Reinders in the north metro that might be of help as well. It really looks like you will need to reseed some of this lawn. Yikes! Hope this helps.
    As for burning a lawn with Lesco 10-0-20, I have to agree with the previous post....not really possible if you are awake while you are spreading.
  6. lawncuttinfoo

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    Here is a pic from far away, the whole corner dead area is the area that was completly bare and reseeded in the spring.

  7. stumper1620

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    awfully shady, does it ever get direct sun?
  8. lilmarvin4064

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    I wouldn't be worried about the N in that fert; for every 50 lb. bag of that 10-0-20, there is about 15 lbs. of chlorine in it. Switch to a fert that uses Sulfate of Potash instead of Muriate of Potash during the summer months. I'm not saying that is what definitely killed it, but it's a possiblility. At what rate did you apply it? Look into using something like 14-0-27, too bad it doesn't have as much iron.
  9. lawncuttinfoo

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    No direct sun.
  10. stumper1620

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    That is most of your problem.
    If possible do some trimming to get some light in there.
    Quite often irrigation guys don't consider shade areas require a lot less water and to keep the grass in sun from burning the shade area gets toooo much water and the results are what you have there.
    is there any areas like this in the sun? if not then that is your problem.
    One thing you can do for the moisture is to change the nozzles on the heads that hit this area or just remove a head and plug the line.

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