Did i do ok on these or did i cheat myself ?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Ok the other day i put a bid on a place for a guy that called me and asked me to give him a price to mow his little store and an apartment right next door which shares the same piece of lawn and to also go to his house and give him a price on that too.
    The store lawn is right under 2 acres all of which is totally flat land { no tress } very little trimming. His house has 4.2 acres of mowable lawn but it to is completly flat no obstacles or trees out front which is over 3 of those acres.

    The back is like 1 acre with like 2-3 little trees and thats it. Their is like no trimming here also so this is something i can basically jump on the exmark lazer z and just go all out {to a point}not going to be pulling a speed racer lol. Both of these lawns are a dream to mow and here is what i bid on them.. the store i bid $85.00 and the home i bid $135.00 with the hopes that id get both of them.

    They are both within 3-5 minutes of my house. I figured by the time i load and unload my trailer and drive to 3 45$ lawns to make that same money i am much better doing these 4 acres and only having to drive to one place and load and unload only once. Besides their is some knuckle head going around my town handing out flyers to do 2 acres for 50$ so if i wanted this i had to be somewhat competive with the big lco guys. So did i do ok or did i cheat myself? By the way he called today and i got both jobs so i was glad, i also got another 1/2 acre lawn for $55.00 today so over all it was a great day!
  2. bigw

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    can a white boy get an opinion? :weightlifter:
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    If you can do these three lawns in under 6 hrs in the spring then I think you are doing alright. You should try for 50-60 an hr by yourself. If you are not close to that then I think you are doing yourself a diservice. It's up to you if you want to make less and that is your choice. You may have to be a little low for the first year but don't make that a business plan. You will find out soon enough if your price and quality are in line. From your other posts you seem to be a smart guy and will figure things out quickly and be succesful. Good luck.
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    So your saying i was to low?? I think i can do the 4 acres in about 3 - 3 1/2 hrs with my 60" 30 hp lazer dont you agree,i mean its all open mowing. ILL try to post a pic of it.
  5. bigw

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  6. bigw

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    now before everyone goes killing me over the pic,its simply to give you an idea of the property. It really is as flat as it looks. So please dont go kicking me in the nads just answer if you think i cheated myself or not? Thanks!
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    I Think Youre Doin Ok, How Long Does It Take U To Mow It
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    I think you're allowing external factors to influence your bids, and in this process you'll eventually cheat yourself some kind of way.
    Whether on this one or future jobs, you should bid based on what it costs.
    In the end you want to charge everyone the same, so watch out for giving discounts is what I'm getting at.
    Although while you're still getting your prices in order all in all it's not too bad, you'll be fine but I wouldn't go any lower.

    And to answer the question, yes and no.
    For a first year I don't think so and I already said it's not bad, but in later years the answer could be yes.
    Which, those are probably your suspicions, but you're not outright losing money either.
    So don't worry about it too much, it's a bit tight but you'll be fine with those bids.
  9. bigw

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    havent done it yet?
  10. bigw

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    Like what external factors are you talking about? I already bid and got the job i simply wanted to know if you guys thought i should have bid higher on this? I know some bigger companies around here that would send in 5 guys and 3 ztr's and kick this out in an hr or so and charge like a 100 bucks so i didnt think i could bid much higher and get away with it. So would you have taken this for 135.00 Topsites?

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