Did I do the right thing????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TGG, May 22, 2004.

  1. TGG

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    So heres the story. I power raked and cut this mans lawn on April 19th. Then I get a call from him that he wants me to come back and cut it again yesterday(may 21). I ask if he wants me for the summer and he says he is not to sure. I show up at his place and suprise the yard had not been cut since I was last there, over a month ago. I mow the front at the middle setting on my snapper 21" and it looks pretty good, but its a small yard and I had to empty the bag once. I move to the back yard and the grass is very long. So long it is no longer standing straight up it is falling over(if ya know what I mean). I raise the mower another height and proceed to cut. The grass is visiblly shorter but by no means cut low at all. At this point Im already taking to long to cut the yard and am pretty frustraed at the fact that he left it for so long without either cuttin it himself or calling me. I would have taken far to long for me to cut it at a lower height and would be to hard on the machine. I was not going to double cut cause I know he would not pay up double so in hopes he would get his act together and have me cut it next week I decided this would be a two week process to get it to a decent level. Then this morning I get a call from him saying that He sees tire marks but I have not cut it. I call him and he gets pretty mad when I say I have cut it. I then explain the situation and ask if he would have wanted me to double cut and charge double also how hard it would have been on my equipment. He says he did not want to pay double. I then ask if he wanted me for the summer and he said it would only be when he needed me. I said he could not just call me when the grass was a foot long. He then just said bye and hung up quickly.

    Was I too out of line in defending my positon???
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    nope...........gotta love em.

  3. Firstclasslawn

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    He--ll no I would have said the same thing, I would have actually gone farther into letting him know how bad that is on equipment and his yard and how if he is that cheap then he just needs to either get off his azz and mow himself or go to weekly LoL
  4. Woody82986

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    Those kind of people I have no problem with letting them know just how lazy and cheap they really are. I dont worry to much about the potential referrals he could have gotten me because in all reality he wouldn't have referred me to anyone anyway. So I call the guy a lazy, cheap SOB and move on with my day. If he didn't pay me for the mowing though, I would dump the clippings in his back lawn area.
  5. tiedeman

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    nope, you were completing right, He was just taking advantage of you
  6. Rather Be Fishing

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    I'd just forget that guy and move on. I've run into those types of folks, none are my clients. When I was first starting out with push mowers it happened quite often, I'd get calls at this time of year from people whose lawns hadn't been mowed at all...

    Cheapskates would sum up the bulk of them, then again some people just aren't very intelligent.:p
  7. TGG

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    Thanks for the responses. I was feeling like I should have just re cut and not charged him. Deep down I knew that was wrong but being as this is my first real season I feel the need to try to please everyone to establish my customer base. But I see the light and am glad I did what I did. Now I just need to give him the bill and hope he pays for the work I did do.

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