did i get screwed


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customer called for a cleanup i went and priced the job i called them at their year round home they said do it they asked if i would be there sat 3/20 i said we would they were to bring the money i thought great so we finished the job and the lady says she didnt travel with her check book so i got her address but didnt get her to sign anything she said she would mail it out on monday i left and then got a bit worried 12 days later no check i called all day today no answer i then called from a diffrent number she answered right away said she mailed it out i called information to verify the address no such address exist the home i did the work at is on the market for $600,000 a second home i have a feeling im going to have to fight for my $800 the house is for sale can i put a lean on it i have nothing signed it was a verbal agreement over the phone


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I lost money from a house that was for sale, they actually left the country, yes left the country, sure it was only $80, but still it was $80. She claims that she never authorized me to do the work and the realtor wouldn't pay me either. Just a lesson that I learned.


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Always,always have a signed agreement of some form. I don't think anything verbal would hold up in court. Go to their primary residence and collect in person, even if it's a 2 or 3 hour drive.That is probably going to be the only way you will get your money. She is figuring you will get discouraged from trying to find her, and will just give up eventually. Track her down and make a surprise visit to them at 6 or 7 AM and catch her before leaving for work.Good luck, but you are probably going to fight a losing battle on this one...


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Let me understand this. You did a spring cleanup at their "summer" home. They live elsewhere. The house is for sale. You know where the house is that no one lives in. And there is nothing there that is worth $800 to you.
Just kidding, on jobs like this I usually joke to the customer that I know where they live and I never get mad but I do get even. I have never been ripped yet.


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maybe you all had another verbal agreement for you to return to the site and remove all the bushes.

if you have her phone number, look her address up in the reverse phone directory and start sending her collection letters.

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I'd put all the debri back on the front porch ..... LOL

Been down this road but for much less ..... we require 20% down on jobs over $500 per event .....30% over $1500 ..... not really for the $$ (not that cash flow is not nice) .... but more so to create a "paper trail" .... n cash that check to make sure it is good

Good Luck on this one


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if you cannot reach her and speak to her i would put the debris back on her property...if you do not have it anymore, any crap will do...i can't stand it when people think they can rip people off...i call it stealing...they stole $800 worth of services, contract or no contract...i might even track them down and take $800 worth of a s s from their backside...


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Call a real estate agent and make an appointment to view the house , be very careful not to trip on anything inside , you could get hurt and have to sue them.


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I am having trouble understanding your confusing run-on sentence.

If I understand correctly, you can reach the person by phone and they said the check's in the mail? It only takes 4-5 days for mail to arrive - even from accross the country. I'd call again in 4-5 days and say, "Hey, what's the deal, here? You said the check was in the mail a week ago and I haven't seen anything. I am beginning to think you're going to skate on the bill. Am I going to have to attach a lein on that home? I'll call the escrow company and hold up the closing of the house if I have to. What can you do to assure me I'll be paid right away???" Then just stop and wait for her to say something that makes you happy.

Also, I'd go by the house and get the Realtor's number. Then call the realtor and explain to them that the homeowner owes you $800. And that you intend to file a lein on the house and prevent the sale or hold up the closing unless you get paid immediately.

These two methods should work pretty well for you.