did i go wrong with a lesco

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbie, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. bobbie

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    from WI
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    Ok here is the deal. I wanted a zero turn for whatever reason to move my one acre lawn. I priced these commercial bad boys out and wanted a Skag. I looked in the paper for used and seen a 2001 Lesco 54"/23hp Kaw with 330hrs. Looked at it and bought it for $4100. I dont have a clue or even heard of lesco until after i bought it. So did I screw myself or what. He threw in extra blades, wheels, filters. I have a year of warranty left on the motor. Let me know what you think
  2. Richard Martin

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    It sounds like a good deal to me. Just make sure that you do all of the required maintenance at the scheduled times and the mower should last you a very long time.
  3. yergus

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    i own the viper ztr and am very pleased with it, i also shopped around and for the money, i did very well
  4. Runner

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    Being a 2001, you got one of the ones with a different deck design. This has been a MAJOR improvement over the older ones - much deeper, and heavier built. I don't think you did all bad. Just make sure you get the service when needed. Good luck with it.:)
  5. Dennis E.

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    Thats what I have. I was one of the first in this area that bought one. I know,first year models have all the "bugs"!
    They have done many quality updates these past few years. As the upgrades came out the facility manager would call me and tell me to bring the ZTR in so they could change out parts. No biggie though,they always had a loaner ready to go.
    Just make sure yours has all the new upgrades done to it. 330 hrs. is pretty low. With a warranty to boot. Pretty good deal IMO.
    I got the "goodies" when I bought mine too. Extra blades,air filter and an oil filter.
    Just be religious with the maintenance. Air filter is most important. The carbs on these big Kaw's can get "sick" fast if there is a lot of dirt getting in.
    Do yourself a favor. Get a spare deck and drive belt and keep them with you! Also about once a month,if conditions are dry,disconnect your safety switches and blow them out real good. I've had some minor problems with the neutral switches. Since I have been cleaning them on a regular basis the problems have gone away.
    Good luck.:D

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