Did I over Bill this job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SEB, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Don't feel so bad. When we like what we do we tend to charge less cause we sorta think it's easy. I still under bid and been doing this work for a looooooong time. The only way to bid right (IMO) is to let someone more shrewd than you do it. Kind of like how the butt head in the front desk of a auto shop gives the prices and the mechanic does the work. They never seem to under bid do they.
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    I don't care, and unless the customer is told they have to pay for it the customer doesn't care who pays for the tiller either, nobody is concerned about the cost of the tiller unless you tell them they are paying for it, you need to tell the customer that your renting a tiller is going to cost THEM more.

    And you have to do so well in advance of even starting the truck to go rent it.

    So in this particular example, so long you did not tell the customer, and the customer did not know, and did not agree to pay more, then yes, of course you have to pay for the rental, who else is going to pay for it?
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    Ever watch Pawn Stars?

    Ever catch those little side disclaimers, when they talk about "we don't actually GET something like 70% of our offers" (to buy or sell)...
    On TV we see them closing the better half of their deals.
    But they tell us, the reality is different.

    And this, my friends, this is the reality.

    You told the truth there, every time I get a call with customers all excited about all the stuff "they" are going to do (meaning I do it and they just plan it out and pay for it)... Every single time, well no... Not every time, but it sure seems like it some days especially with new callers, soon as I get the price out?
    It's over.

    And that's underbidding.
    That's shooting them a GOOD quote, that's telling them that I need the work.
    The half of them get funny on me and "offer" to pay me extra and I get all excited...
    But they're just being funny, the part that kills me is how they would think it was going to cost LESS than my minimum!
    They think $30 was too much to pay to haul away a bunch of stuff.
    Yes, they think I can just dump it in the residential transfer station for $8 fee.
    Even then $30 is fair but Hello did you read, residential transfer station?
    No sir, I get to take junk to the Commercial landfill, their fee is $41.50 a load.
    I was only charging them $30 because I will STORE their junk in MY yard until I have ENOUGH for a FULL load!
    But no, no, that's just outrageous, how dare I?
    I keep thinking to myself, that's what I get for being a nice guy.
    But that's just how it is, ain't nothing doing about it.
    Might as well get used to it.
    As was said, live and learn.

    I bet they do get sued a lot.
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    I NEVER tell people I'll have to rent equipment. Geez
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    Why? Makes no sense.
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    Because the customer doesn't need to know. The rental price should be rolled into the overall bid. Do you tell a customer "hey I need to rent a skid and a mini ex. It's going to be $700, is that okay?" You bill the rental into the quote based on an hourly value for the equipment you are renting.
  7. SEB

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    What part of of me calling her before getting the tiller did you not understand? I wouldn't have had to rent the damn thing had the dumb ***** not wanted to extend her flower beds after I gave the bid. Im sorry but if you think I work for free when someone asks for my work. Well sir you got me ****** up, I might work for cheap. But not free!!!
  8. JimMarshall

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    Is that why you had to rent a tiller instead of owning one?
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  9. SEB

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    Hadn't planned on renting a tiller at all on the job. I didn't need a tiller for the job till she wanted to make the flower bed bigger & to go around the side of the house hence where Bermuda was growing. As far as owning a tiller. I want a Skid Steer too for my business. I just don't use a tiller that often to justify buying one. Now ask me if I own a mower :)
  10. JimMarshall

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    You don't have to rent a tiller many times at 150 bucks a pop to make buying one economical. Then the 150 bucks goes to you. Skid steers are real nice but dwarf the investment of a good tiller.
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