Did I overcharge?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Accu-cut Lawn Care, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    Alright, I have a backround in landscaping; and having worked for a premier landscape installation company(for 4 years 10 years ago), I have good vision and know what goes where. I operate a company that is heavy on lawn and landscape maint.,mulching, pruning, yada yada...But, I have not done many installations over the past few years. My question is, How much would you charge for the installation of (6) 8' b&b leyland cypress trees on a level, fairly easy to get to site(to small for a back hoe)-no soil ammendments...basic installation? Also, I think my supplier has good prices-How much would you pay for an 8' leyland? I'll divulge my pricing after I get some feedback.
  2. Dallas Brown

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    I usually charge about the same as the tree I'm planting. For an example if I paid $110 Retail for that L. Cypress then I would charge 1\2 of the retail of the tree to install the tree. $110 + 55 = 165. My cost would be about 80 dollars. So your bring home would be about $85 per tree.
  3. crab

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    Take the the cost of the tree wholsale multiply by qantity and multiply again by 2.5.I would add a one year gaurontee.good luck.
  4. crab

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    sorry about the spelling just woke up.
  5. Allure

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    same here - wholesale X 2.5 plus a 1 year guarantee
  6. Az Gardener

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    We don't use ball and burlap's or Leland cypress so I have no idea what your costs are.

    I would take the price of the plant 100 for illustration times 1.55 mark up= 155.00

    Then add for planting cost based on hourly rate 40 per hour for me I guess it will take an hour of labor to dig and plant now I,m up to 195

    now I need some warranty money say 10% if the plants are hearty and the conditions are favorable so we are at 215. each

    I still have to add some $$ for DDS which is dump delivery and supervision usually another 10%. I know I will make money at this rate. Now if my wholesale price is so good that I am close to the retail price after all the calculations. I might add a bit more depending on the pita factor.

    If the trees are big don't forget you may have to haul away dirt.
  7. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    The trees are already in the ground...I just wanted some pricing feedback. For the record, I paid $60 per tree and ended up charging $275 each with a one year warranty. I'm finishing up the 2nd phase today. I'll have pictures.
  8. AGLA

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    If you got the job, you did not over charge.
  9. o-so-n-so

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    Your retail price on the tree. ( I like to stay around the independent retail nursery prices). $100.00 per tree to install plus the cost of staking material. ($5.00 - $10.00 per tree.) Delivery fee on the trees if you were responsible for transport from the nursery.

    8' tree.........$60.00??? X 6= $360.00
    Install..........$110.00 x 6= $660.00

    Sub total.....................$1120.00
    tax on trees..................$30.60

    edit...........didnt see your last post............you done good. Your happy, their happy, all is good. Merry Christmas
  10. DixieFerris

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    I think I speak for many when I yell shenanigans on your pricing! $275 for a $60 tree? BS I must say sorry. Maybe you did get that once, probably the only time you will though. Give people credit, and if they want one more someday and they calll the nursery because it's only one more and can do it themselves and find out the pricing, you're done

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