Did I price too high?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by kayladawn2056@gmail. com, May 14, 2019.

  1. kayladawn2056@gmail. com

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    10 total acres. 5 normal grass cutting and 5 a very steep embankment that is very rough and can only been Weed eated. I calculated and came up with 950. What would you guys think? Any help is appreciated! I’m new here. Also this job is in the middle of no where. An acres is going for about 80 to 100 where I live that is just a basic grass cutting service.
  2. iand

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    If you're planning on weedeating 5 acres you are massively underpriced
  3. shriver187

    shriver187 LawnSite Senior Member
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    i wouldnt weed eat 5 acres for that much.. has to be an easier solution..
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  4. Cam15

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    Did you mean you would have to weed eat 5acres!? Cause about two to three times that would be what you should charge for that. And if you're solo I wouldn't even bid something like that.
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  5. knox gsl

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    I'm like most and would like some pics and numbers for a better idea. No way would I string trim 5 acres for $950 with 5 acres of mowing on top of that.
  6. weeze

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    no one can weed eat 5 acres. that's insane.

    for mowing 10 acres flat ground i would charge $1000.

    to weedeat 5 acres i would charge $5000 then to mow the other 5 acres i would charge $250.
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  7. Green Industry Pro

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    I wouldn't even touch a property that had 5 acres to weed eat. No way they will pay you enough for that. It has to be cut with a machine of some sort and if you don't have it or can't rent it, then that would be a no from me. Acreage rates are all over the board on lawn site. Really have to be cross referenced with a guesstimate of time. I'm usually around $65 if its mostly mowing with little to no blowing or trimming. Prices vary based on time. You also need to consider mileage and charge extra if this property is far outside of town.
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  8. LawnCareBowling2019

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    I think he meant only part of the other 5 acres had a large embankment to weedeat not the whole thing, and the other 5 acres was practically straight mowing. Still did he over price it ? No I think that is a deal. However if he really does have to weedeat only the whole other five acres he should charge 10000 $.
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  9. kabrac

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    You'd be surprised what you can do and accomplish with a light, and powerful weed eater. I'd charge a tad more than $950.

    Just fire up the weed eater, put your head down, and get to swinging, and maintain good body form. You'll be surprised how much you have cut when you get into "The Zone".

    Also, make sure you have a BIG tank of 2 cycle mix/gas. You're gonna need it.
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  10. Grassfire205

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    I really wish he would come back and give more info. I wouldn't weed eat 5 acres for less than 15 grand for just the fact that its probably tall and cant zip thru it. Id like to see pictures. You would be surprised how steep of inclines you can mow with a decent tractor and a 15ft bat wing. The cutter acts as a wheelie bar of sorts and holds the back end to the hill. Ive mowed across slopes with one i wouldnt drive my ranger or truck across.
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