Did I price too high?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by kayladawn2056@gmail. com, May 14, 2019.

  1. Grassfire205

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    Depends how steep and what i was cutting
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  2. Cam15

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    Let's say 5 acres of drainage ditches.
  3. Grassfire205

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  4. Cam15

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    Is that what the city uses for the drainage ditches they have to take care of?
  5. GCPS

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    Personally, I wouldn't weed eat 5 acres then mow 5 more for that price. I wish we had pics. I'm thinking to myself about a job I did a few weeks back: Sod job (4 pallets). Tear out of current grass and replace with new sod and redo two small 10×10 beds with mesh, mulch, new plants, and new border. I made $1,100.00 on the job and it took me 3 days SOLO in the Florida May sun. I was pretty tired after that job. 5 acres of weed eating would still be a lot worse. I would have to do it with 3 or 4 guys and we'd all have those Darwin grips from Ballard on our trimmers.
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  6. TrainingWheels

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  7. StearnScape

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    Goats..huh....."do they run on two cycle also"
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  8. MowDaddy

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    You ask a question 7 weeks ago and have not been back ?
    Hope you treat your customers better.
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  9. Mudly

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    He's obviously still swinging, get a clue.
  10. MattZ28

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    You laugh but over here there is a company that clears areas with goats, they fence the designated area off with some kind of temp electric fencing and those little guys go to town eating everything in sight. They make a killing with this "green" racket.
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