Did I underbid this?

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    Yeah I miss read a few of your post. Just get the topsoil delivered in 1 shot that will save you alot of time. Your price would be great for me since I own the equiptment, it makes it harder when you have to spend $200 to rent a machine, but your price is your price good luck to you.
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    Thanks man. I appreciate it!
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    Where I'm from, we use punctuation. <Insertyourfavoritefunnyfacehere>

    35$ gets you a screened, weed free top soil mix. There's 5$ loader scoops all over, but if the clump,rock and crap content needs to be zero, it cost more.

    Oops, I left a 1 off of the weight. 6 yards could weight up to 18000lbs depending on the mix and water content. Hope Nobody read that and got 2 scoops in their S10....

    By squeeze a little more, I figured the rental would be marked up and the dirt would be a per yard price that comes out to be a little over the hourly rate. Then charge hourly on the digging part. The vehicle use is accounted for and what ever % profit you add at the end. Running numbers that way, I came up around 9-950.
    I'd still do it for 800, as long as it doesn't carry into a second day.
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    Get 2 yards at a time on your trailer and 1 in the truck. You can't get the trailer to the back but you could back it to the gate and use the dingo to scoop it off the floor of the trailer. Then drop the trailer and take the truck into the back and dump the 3 yard into the new bed. Now you only made 2 trips.
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    So sorry I didn't know you was a punctuation police .......

    Still $35 is high Nope my dirt is clean no rocks Very nice dirt for $10 per ton

    Today I installed 150 tons

    Say how do they get it weed free Do they screen out the weed seed

    You must live where the dirt isn't that great so it has to be screened O I forgot these for you.........................................................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
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    You could stand to learn a lot.
    Additional chemicals can be added to the exothermic process to both intensify the heat and speed up the initial heating process.
    Let me break that down so you can understand it. They cook it, and it kills any thing in the dirt.
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    WoW things they do these days

    I buy from age piles that was stock piled maybe for 2-3 years. So all plant matter is broke down.

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