Did John Deere buy all the patent rights to Stand-On mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. A John Deere dealer saw me mowing on a high-profile account today. He stopped and insisted I try the 48" Stand-On mower they sell. Then he told me that John Deere had bought all the patent rights for every Stand-On mower, including the Wright Stander. Is that true?
  2. Richard Martin

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    That's news to me. The last I heard JD and Great Dane were still dancing all around Wright's patents.
  3. sheppard

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    I guess we could email Wrightmfg.com and wait for an answer.

    Last I hear JD was in trouble with their move on Great Dane, but that was just loose talk in a show room.

    I'd like to really find out how strong Standers on in market coverage and also how strong the company is.

  4. Probably just some goofball dealer that heard JD bought out GD and thought that meant ALL yellow Stand-On mowers. I asked if he just meant Great Dane, but he said he was sure it was Wright Standers as well.

    Yeah, we could email Wright. Those jokers don't ever answer emails. I don't know why they even have that option on their website. Once in a while Jim Velke gets on here though.
  5. sheppard

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    I remember emailing them shortly after I purchased my Stander. Took them weeks to answer.

    That was also about the time they pulled off their link to Lawnsite.com

    I don't think Corporate like bad news or unhappy or bothersome customers.

  6. LawnGuy73

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    John Deere bought the rights and the name for Great Dane.. After doing so they changed the Great Dane to a real craptacular sh8t bomb (in this pros opinion). At one time we owned 5 Great Dane stand-on mowers (old style), and now we won't even look at them. Well maybe we do look at them, and laugh..
  7. dougmartin2003

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    if john deer owns it i dont want it enough said
  8. Tbarchaser

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    I have a few e-mails in my inbox right now from Wright. They anwser my e-mails. I highly doubt Jim Velkie would sell out.
    Dont forget Jim sued Great dane....and won!
  9. Being a Wright Stander fanatic, I have to admit I’ve changed my mind after I demo’ed that John Deere Stand-On the other day. You see, I was under the impression that John Deere only made great products, but I was wrong.

    My reason for starting this thread was out of fear. Fear that John Deere now owned Wright and would modify the Wright Stander. I can’t speak for the older style Great Danes, but changing the Wright Stander to make it more like the John Deere version would be a downgrade.

    That’s not to say the Wright Stander is perfect. I wish it had an even deeper deck. I would like to see a consistent high blade-speed on each of the sizes. They should all come with high-capacity air cleaners, as well as engine and hydraulic oil coolers. The 36” Stander should have wider tires; http://lawnsite.com/showthread.php?threadid=47812&highlight=Wright+Stander+wider+tires

    Certainly we all have our opinions, but the John Deere Stand-On unit is not in the same class as the Wright Stander. John Deere’s have some nice features, and I love the color, but before anyone buys either one, they should test drive both on their own accounts.

    I don’t know why Jim Velke didn’t respond to this thread directly, but he sent me a private message. The short version is that Wright Manufacturing is independent and growing. And that as soon as I see that John Deere representative again, I can set him straight.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah , as I understood it , John Deere took over Great Dane ,,, They JD, have certain things that they had to do diff on their machines since Wright had the patents on the stander style machines...... The control levers is one thing and the foot step thing was the other, But I think The JD foot stand is alot nicer than Wrights anyway...

    I picked up the Quik Trak last week and think its' a great machine, Easy height adjustmet, floating deck, etc etc, Very heavily built.. The 7 Iron deck cuts like butter through whatever I stuck in its way so far... Just got the accelerator catcher for it, so lookin forward to putting some grass and leaves in that tomorrw...

    Apparently JD has moved or redone GD's shop to make it more updated to improve production and quality control, the new generation GD' s should be alot better than they supposedly were, However I dont have a clue , cause I have never even seen one.. LOL... That s just what I heard... Other than the deck they should be very similar to the JD's ...

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