Did this guy not pay attention?!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hartlawnmain, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. hartlawnmain

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    Gave this man and his wife a estimate for spring clean-up, dethatch, aeration and fertilizer. Included were clean beds, remove gumballs, etc... They declined this wonderful $1600.oo offer. Then, today I'm at their house mowing and doing some spraying when the guy asks me if I'm gonna' clean these beds out. I kinda' gave him "the look" and told him that was on the estimate he had declined. He says, "I thought that'd be included in the maintenance contract" which is about $200.00 a month. He'll get back with me on whether or not he wants it done now.
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    Get as much $$$ from them as possible and then get the hell out of there, sounds like they are gonns be nothing but trouble
  3. hartlawnmain

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    The only good thing I have going is the wife is very sweet and she keeps the checkbook at home with her. I'm gonna' feel 'em out a little. He seems like he could be an a--hole but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Has lotsa' money! Maybe after they see the quality of work and their lawn starts looking good, they'll bend a little.
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    I hate that. I went to a lower end home in a higher end neighborhood the other day. She wanted hedges timmed, tiny yard mowed, and a spring cleanup. I explained all the costs to her, I could have done the cleanup in 2 hours by myself, she declined the $150 offer, and said she'd get them herself. Her yard is tiny so I was mowing it for $30, she wouldn't go for the extra $20 to bag even though it had yet to be mowed this year and everyone else is on 3rd mowing. I explained to her that if she wanted to agree to a service plan with me that I would do the first mow for free. I trimmed the hedges for $35, mostly just because I had to use my new stihl trimmers. Well, she called back 3 or 4 days after i mowed and trimmed. She wanted to know why I left so many leaves, why there was still so many clippings on the yard, and if I could re-do the hedges and make them a little smaller.... Oh yeah, could you mow next weekend and then maybe we'll get it ourselves from there?? and of course she had a puzzled look when I explained that she had to pay for the 1st mowing now. I don't understand why when you shoot someone a price they automatically think they can do it themselves, but never do.
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    GREAT example of why you should never give "free mows" except at the END of a season if someone signs up. And why I never give a "flat rate" price to "trim shrubs". What does "trimmed" mean to a customer who has no idea about how they're done or why they're kept at a certain size? I observed the guy I worked for get in repeated arguments with customers over shrubs and what constituted "trimmed" and decided then and there not to do that.

    Finally, put every thing done on a maintenance plan in writing. I use a pre-printed carbonless form with a checklist of items, including bagging, so that there's no argument later. Just show them the form (they should have a copy) and there's no claiming they misunderstood later.

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