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did you ever get accused of not cutting?


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i was just thinking about some of the weirdos iv'e dealt with. this happened a few years back when i first started. maybe my 3 rd year in business. she calls from a referel, wants the grass cut and ferted. sure. so i go over, collect my $50 in advance cus she's gonna take a nap. i took my toro push mower, and cut this corner lot, it took like 1.5 hrs to cut, 3 big plastic bags of grass to haul, and then ferted the lawn. all the while, every 20 min or so she would come out offering me a drink of ice tea. i get done and go home, phone rings, "this is mrs. jones, you were hear for quite a while, but why didn't you cut the grass, i paid you...." i said , "look, i did cut the grass;) , what are you talkin about? " she said, "well it doesn't look cut. how short did you cut it?" i said," 3 inches." she says ok, and we hang up. an hour later she calls, " i measured the grass, it's definitely more than 3 inches, why are you saying you cut it if you didn't? i thought you were kind of cheap, if you want more money, i'll give you more, is that what u want.?" i'm like, "listen, i got 3 huge bags of grass, they are still in my truck, u want to see them? you watched me the whole time, what did you think i was doing walking around with that lawn mower?" she says, "i think you were walking around, without the blades on." i said, "why on earth would i do that?" she says, "i don't know , but, can u come back and really cut it this time?" i said , "look, it's cut, goodbye." and i hang up. she calls again, " i don't know what i'm gonna tell my husband. he's gonna measure the grass, and when he sees it's not cut, he's gonna want to know why. he's gonna be mad, can i tell him to just call you?" i'm like, "listen, LEAVE ME ALONE! you are nuts!!!! do not call back!!!!" phew. screw ball for sure. were u ever accused of not cutting?


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Bobby, Can you please explain to me how you are still sane??

I do belive your stories but, sometimes it just seems too weird to belive. An example is the one about the guy that drove you to the police station, thats strange to say the least. Or the latest one where the woman wanted you to pay her to remove the old stones.But what are ya gonna do they are all over


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Martinsville, IN
Last year I cut a guy's grass twice and both times he was home and we even talked. After the 2nd cut I went to collect and he told me he didn't owe me anything! He said "I haven't seen you in months"...in reality I had been there every week all season. I am positive that he has a few screws loose upstairs if you know what I mean! I got paid and never worked for him again! Screwball!
One of the loser properties I take care of is a really disorganized cemetery.
After spending 3 hrs to initially mow grassy weeds that were over three feet tall, the guy calls and says I need to come back.
I meet him at the cemetery, he says I have to remow. I say no deal, second cut, second price. He gets pissed and leaves.
Second cut time comes around, finally have the place looking good and this dufass calls and says-yep-I gotta cut again.
I say screw it, submit the bill to the actual owner, get paid and figure no more cemeteries for me.
Dufass calls and says he, not the owner, wants me to return the money. I say get bent.
Next month comes along, I say what the heck, I'll mow so we mow, place looking good and yep, the Dufass calls again.
Turns out this Dufass used to mow the cemetery himself, and since he couldn't mow anymore he wants to "supervise" for the owner.
I have been cutting this cemetery for two years now and the Dufass has finally left me alone.
The only other time it happened was for a crazed lady in my subdivision. I charged her $40 for the first cut and then she wanted me to mow the rest of the season - without paying again.
Yep, said get bent. Although I still mow the cemetery, I don't for the neighborhood crazy.


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oh yeah, I had it happen to me once, and it was really bad. The guy lived in Colorado, and rented the house out. Well, we came and cut it. It was an easy lawn. The people renting out the house told him that we were only there 20 mins so there was no way that we could have cut it.

He writes this letter from Colorado (when he hasn't seen the lawn, just taking their word for it) talking about how we didn't cut it and he won't pay for it.

Well, I called him back and left a not so nice message. Well, I got another letter about a week later saying about how unprofessional I was and that if I am caught on his property again he would call the cops.


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st pete, FL
Yes its happened numerous times, but most of the time they werent home. Had a few that watched me cut, then came out and said it wasnt short enough.


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I cut for a realtor, small apartment complex, his home, a few rentals, and his sister's house( which was for sale). The deal on the sister's house was every ten days. No probs, kept cutting. Went to collect for the past month, and he questions the bill for that property. He wanted to know why I have been cutting it since he sold it over three weeks ago. I told him that noone told me anything, so he has to nerve to tell me I should have known since the sign was not still in the yard.

I quickly let him know that a sign means nothing to me, and I don't even notice them when I work, just move them to mow or trim around them, and no other thought goes into it. It's one of those things you just do, not think about.

So, unhappily, he paid me, and learned a valuable lesson, if you want to stop/start services, um.....call me.


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Southern Indiana
Hey Bobby, what mental hospital were u mowing that day? Never had someone accuse me of running around on the mower with the blades off. Should have told her we charge extra to run them with blades on because its dangerous and more people get killed that way. Then double the price and see how crazy she really is.

The weirdest guy I mowed was a older, single heavy drinker. Only mowed for him for 2 monthes before he moved away. I mowed his two neighbors and him one friday. Sat morning 7 am he calls, my wife answers and he is asking her why I didnt mow his grass when I mowed his neighbors. Im like "give me that damn phone". After letting him know I cut his grass, he remarks "Oh, I havent been outside yet". Im thinkin "duhhhh! dont call me, just sober up and go outside and have a looksy pal!
Luckly I dont have too many customers that are nuts