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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by No Lawncares, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. No Lawncares

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    Today I found out that all Toro trimmers are made by homelite. My first trimmer is the Stihl 4 mix, but 4 months ago I picked up a Toro trimmer from Home Depot, so I would have a second plus I wanted one that I could add different attachments. Well 4 months later its already fallen apart. When I called Toro they gave me a list of service centers I could take it too. When I dropped it off to the service center they said they no longer could work on Toro trimmers because they quit selling homelite and ALL TORO"S are now made by homelite. Well after 3 stops and many arguments I got Home Depot to exchange it for me. But the funniest part is the manager of the store didn't even realize Toro's were made by homelite. Never again (I will buy Stihl and Stihl only.
  2. saw man

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    That is why you ask the servicing dealer first!!

    Same thing with the John deere trimmers being sold there!

    Hope you didnt get mad and argue with the service center guys for your mistake!
  3. No Lawncares

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    No I orginally took it to the dealer I bought my walk behinds at (I was just gonna pay him to fix). When he seen how good of condition it was in he asked me about the warranty. Basically he said take it to a friend of his at another dealer who services Toro. That guy was cool and suggested we call Toro so I did. And it was under warranty. Actually this whole problem is because of Toro and it being made by homelite (which if I had known, it wouldn't have been purchased).
  4. Norm Al

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    why would it matter?
  5. SouthernFried

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    I didn't know that.

    Kinda weird, a company known for pretty good mowers, both residential and commercial...should make such crap (or use crappy manufacturer's) for their other stuff.

    I see commercial people using Toro mowers all the time. Never have seen one using their trimmers/blowers/hedgers, etc...

    I'd like to know their thinkin' behind this philosophy.
  6. PR Fect

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    Seems to be same story. When a manufacture trys to do it all, watch out. I own and love my Toro mowers. Would never by Toro hand power equipment. My Husky dealer told me same thing. Husky hand held no problems. When you try getting parts and service for their mowers it's a pain. And thats from the gal that sells them.
  7. CamLand

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    do you think Exmark is made by Exmark?Toro builds and develops all Exmark machines...

    Also Do You think John Deere is made by Deere..
  8. dvmcmrhp52

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    Toro doesn't develop Exmarks.
    And yes Exmarks are made by Exmark,Toro is taking Exmarks Ideas and implementing them.
    Exmark is currently expanding their production and developmental capacities with a new additional facility.

    On the other hand you are correct about deere's,many are not even made in this country.
  9. CamLand

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    Examrk is made by Toro,check it out and prove me wrong...
  10. dvmcmrhp52

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    Exmark is OWNED by Toro,Not made by them.
    I own Exmarks.

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