Didnt take a client cuase i wont cut at 2"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by birddseedd, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. zechstoker

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    Our lawns don't need rain to grow when everyone has sprinkler systems running every other day :p

    And not everyone here in CA cuts at 2 inches. Shoot, most lawns on my route are at 2.5 inches. I've got a couple that are 1.5, and others at 3. The height really varies by lawn, so my mowers get adjusted accordingly all day everyday.
  2. birddseedd

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    wow. I would never do 1.5
  3. orangemower

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    You'd have too if you're cutting grass that requires a 1.5in cut.
  4. birddseedd

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    I don't even know what kind of grass does. none in Michigan. and I don't ever want to leave Michigan
  5. maynardGkeynes

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    a lot of athletic fields want 1.5"
  6. birddseedd

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    maybe so. but they also water the grass enough to not kill it of
  7. smallstripesnc

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    I turn down clients all the time because they want it cut to the dirt. I cut fescue at 3.5 inches this time of the year and 4 inches during dry summer months. I will cut down to 2.5 when over seeding but in increments. I don't take bi-weekly lawns because especially this time of the year my weekly properties (high end residential well fertilized, taken care of fescue lawns) are high that I almost need to bag so imagine if I cut every other week.

    I tell them to find someone else to cut it to the dirt bi-weekly. When gaining a new client I always tell them my cutting heights and explain the benefits and if they mention its too high and want it cut shorter they can find someone else.
  8. JMK26

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    This thread hit it's end awhile back but since it's still open...

    I cut a lawn at an inch and a half...why?
    --The daughter is one of my best clients, she pre pays, she has a great lawn, she has a big lawn, and although I never take advantage of it, she has even told me if my schedule gets to tight from rain, hers can be the first lawn i skip and reschedule when I can. The lawn i cut at an inch and a half is her parents. Her parents are the type that think the shorter the better. It's weed infested and I explained that being cut so short promotes weed growth, they insist it's not that.

    That being said. Ask your advice on a thread, or explain what you did and why you did it. But don't argue with a bunch of people that obviously have more experience than you about grass types and length. Either cut the guy's lawn or don't. Don't explain that since you live in Michigan and no one does that in Michigan ( even though someone from Michigan contradicted you ) that no one else should either.

    Cut the guy's lawn or don't cut it. It's a lot more simple than try to argue how you're right when there really is no right answer except for what is right for you.
  9. maynardGkeynes

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    There are a lot of lawns that will look great at 3.5 - 4 inches, and there are just as many that will look great at 2"-2.5." It really does depend on the specifics of the site, the intended use, and the grass varieties at the site. Those taller heights above 3.5" can promote fungus disease, which is why I prefer to cut at 2" to 2.5" most of the year in DC, which is notoriously humid in summer.
  10. birddseedd

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    yea saber, i would never do that. if soemoen wants me to cut their lawn in a way that is going to look like crap like you described. i wont do it. reason one is if i cannot do it better than everyone else theres no point in doing it. and two, when soemone in the neighborhood sees your crappy work, even if its the customers fault. its still your crappy work, and they wont hire you.

    i do a quality job, or i dont do it.

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