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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by supermini z, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. supermini z

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    I am looking to get a 72inch ztr next year for commerical accounts. Right now I have a 52in hustler super mini. I don't think gas engines are the way to go if you are cutting thick grass and big areas. So i am looking at diesel's. I looked at the exmark xp with the Daihatsu engine very well planned out. Also the scag with the drive shaft driven deck. But it looks like all there other models are slaped up and shipped out. I have not heard good things about scag. And last I am looking at the hustler diesel that they are coming out with but I do not know what engine they are useing I like the super z's and I like the exmark. I know there are other out there please tell me what you guy's like in the diesel and give me some web sites.
  2. akerr

    akerr LawnSite Member
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    Look into kubota's diesel ztr. they produce a 28 horse pwr with a 72 inch deck. i have the 28 horse pwr with a 60 inch deck and i love it. good luck
  3. CELS

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    from KY
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    Another vote for the Kubota ZD28-60 Pro.
  4. pamp99

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    Walker Model D with a side discharge 74" the have Kubota 20 Hp I think you will like the flip up deck for easy clean up and blade mait. All shaft and timed deck.
  5. gorrell

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    I'd stay away from the walker with the 74" deck and only 20hp. Painfully underpowered if you're cutting anything other than residentials that never get very tall. There is no substitute for horsepower and 20 just won't cut it(so to speak)on a 72-74"deck..............Lynn
  6. Randy J

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    Not sure about the Walker with 20hp, but the advantage to diesels is torque. Typically the diesel is going to be better in tough mowing conditions than an equal horsepower, or even more horsepower, gas engine.
    You might look at the Grasshoppers. They run Kubota diesels on them and you have the option of a mid-mount or front-mount.
  7. robertbick

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    Can you tell me how much the Kubota ZD28-60 goes for new?


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