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Diesel 3/4 Ton with snow plow



Does the factory beef up the front end of a diesel 3/4 ton pick-up enough with there snow plow package? Or would you need to add a more heavy duty suspension package.<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: 127


I'm not sure I would be too worried about front end of the truck. My concern, and keep in mind that I do a lot of residential where we push onto the lawns, is that if the ground is not frozen that heavy front end is going to want to sink badly.

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
if its got the plow prep pkg-then its got all that you need to handle the weight of a plow.most diesels with reg cabs can have plow prep,if you want a ex/quad cab with your diesel,only dodge has a muy macho 5200lb version of the dana60 front end (as of 2000 models)that enables them to put the heavy Cummins engine and have the plow prep on excabs.I wouldnt plow with a ford excab with diesel,it has only a 4700 lb dana50 front end in the 3/4 ton,it would be way overloaded with a plow,as well as illegal.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


LawnSite Bronze Member
A siverado 3/4 ton is just fine for plowing, if you are concerned with the front end dive, add timbren load boosters, and if you have an auto tranny get the largest tranny coller you can, other than that you will be fine.


LawnSite Senior Member
What can be done with the ford excab diesel to make it work? Thats exactly what i'm hoping to get, Thanks


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have been down this road with all of you guys before. Go down to a Ford Dealer that sells commercial trucks. See if the snow plow package is avaible on a super duty extended cab, guess what it is. Its avaible on any super duty. If you are worried about over loading the truck there is a simple way to find out.

I am tired of people guessing the weight on the front axel of any truck, and then guessing the amount of weight on the front axel.

Call your state's commercial vehicle police division, the guys that weigh the big rigs. Have them put your pick up's front end on the scale. See what it weights, then figure in the front axel weight.

I am going to have my F 550 crew cab weighed, for this reason. I might even have some of my other trucks weighed with plows. Only because i know a DOT inspector, and i don't have to be worried about getting nailed.

I think an F 250 super cab, would be fine for plowing.

The bottom line is Ford is concerened with front axel weight. They wouldn't offer a snow plow prep package. on a truck that couldn't handel the extra load, thats why the 97 F 150 couldn't plow Ford said it wasn't designed to. However that has changed a snow plow prep package is now avaible, for the f 150. Go to the Ford dealer, you can get a regular, super, or crew cab with or with out dielse, with a snow plow prep