Diesel Emissions crap

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 4 seasons lawn&land, Jul 31, 2011.

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    You can ditch the DEF as well.
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    California is harder on the fines. I've heard a few people in other states getting hit for $2500 fines though.. Check any of the diesel forums for more info...

    The h&s tuners (I think spartan as well) can delete the dpf as well as the DEF systems.
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    I'm a member of the Cummins Forum & Turbo Diesel Registry and the CA guys have said they now have emissions testing as well. A lot of guys who have had modded trucks from the 90's or later have problems. In CA your performance parts had better be CARB approved or your going to have problems. I guess this is why half of CA has moved to Texas!

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    I know the DOT has started checking thruck for emissions because so many people are taking it off. They are doing fines like they do if you caught running red fuel and the fine is based upon miles. I am was going to do the DPF delete but after hearing of someone getting poked I dedcided it wasn't worth it.
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    I'm originally from Main but live in Texas now. I remember as a kid your bumper heights and tire sizes were limited. Maine is very conservative with truck rules. The police stopped my friend in high school and made him lower his air shocks on his hot rodded Volare because the bumper was too high.

    Here in Texas you can have 44" tires and over a foot of lift on your truck. Every now and then you will see truck going down the road that looks like it belongs at a show crushing cars. The state troopers in Maine would crap in their pants if they saw some of these trucks on the road in Maine.

    I'm guessing Mass Diesel is your your closest true diesel hot rod shop. You should ask the guy at Mass Diesel if he has done very many deletes for guys from Maine. The Diesel truck market in Maine is pretty small but you find out the guy in Mass has done a bunch of deletes.

    Before I did my deletes I went to the local inspection place and just asked the guy if they were supposed to even look for the emissions stuff. I was surprised when he told me that they are not required to check for gas or Diesel emissions equipment in Buda, TX. In Austin right next to us they do gas emissions testing but not here in Buda just a few miles away.

    For commercial trucks that are registered to haul a GCWR of over 26,000 your are supposed to have your emissions equipment intact. I recently got my CDL and had to get a commercial inspection but let's just say I know a guy so it wasn't a problem.
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    $2,500 max fine for a personal vehicle, and the article I read said a company with deleted rigs would be fined severely but didn't say $$ amount.
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    Most DPF delete shops make you sign a waiver stating that your truck is for off road use only. This gets the shop off the hook since the emissions stuff is only required for on road use. When you purchase a tuner that is intended for deleting even the manufacturer may require a waiver for liability reasons.

    I think either Bullydog or Superchips may have gotten worried and just recently ceased production of all DPF delete related products.

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