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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fbcoop, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. fbcoop

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    I am looking to add a second Walker to the fleet. A 1998 Diesel with 42 inch deck. 3800 hours has me a little concerned. The question is the life expectancy of the Diesel. I won't see the unit until Saturday so I don't know the make of the engine but is there anything special I should be looking for? Is $3,000 a fair price. Owner claims full maintenance etc.


  2. CharlieBingo

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    That,s like marrying a 100yr old woman with cancer. Save yourself the headaches there are alot of things that could go! Spindles, springs, hydros the list goes on forever.
  3. ducky1

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    Walker uses a kubota engine on their diesel models. It is a good engine and shoule be good for quite a few more hours if it had been taken care of. I think that other things will go out before the engine does.
  4. NJemerald

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    I bought a 93 Kubota Walker about 8 years ago(with about 1900 hrs) for $2,750. It will hit 6,000 hrs later this season.
    (Typical smoke for its age BUT still mows like a TANK)

    I REGULARLY go over my kubota for upkeep and fluid changes to get it this far though! Only regular problem (besides normal wear & tear items) I've ever had with it was the ignition not sparking from moisture under the cap.

    Price and purchase would all depend on the so-called
    "full maintenance" PROOF and a visual inspection.

    Good Luck,
  5. xcopterdoc

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    Yup... gotta watch out for diesel ignition problems... especially that pesky moisture under the dist. cap.. hate it when that happens!
  6. Mikes Machines

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  7. shopbytch

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    If the engine goes(6000-8000hrs), that walker is worth more for parts. You can get a diesel mechanic to do a compression test. If it was commercially used, alot of things would have already been replaced but lighter use might mean that it's time to fix a bunch of things. Offer $2000.

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