Diesel engines changing hands...?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by atasteofnature, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. atasteofnature

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    I was talking with my brother-in-law and he was mentioning that he over heard that the Duramax is going from the Chevys to the Fords, the Cummins is going from the Dodges to the Chevys, and Dodge is taking in the Catepillar. I was just wondering myself if anyone else has heard about this or not? Maybe I have missed the thread already for that I am sorry for bringing the question backup. Thank you all for reading the thread and everyone have a great Tuesday.
  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Havent kept up with all the changes but...at one time cummins was owned ford or a part of it anyway....and not long back...Cat couldnt meet the pollution requirements and was planning on pulling out of the on-road market and sticking with the off road engines for equipment....not sure what is going on now with the economy...
  3. WH401

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    I highly doubt any of that. For one thing that would cost a lot of money and that's something Detroit doesn't have at the moment. The only manufacturer that is unhappy with there current supplier is Ford with International and I couldn't see any of the other manufacturers changing. Another reason, like is mentioned above, is Caterpillar is getting out of the on-road engine market, they don't want to mess with the emission standards.
  4. clif10

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    ford is producing their own diesel motor called the scorpion, itll be out in the F-150 as well in a smaller version , i think a 6cyl. i doubt their playing hot potatoe with auto makers
  5. Petr51488

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    Never going to happen. The diesel engines make the trucks that their in (not literally) GM is known for Duramax and the allison. Dodge is known for the cummins and the ford is known for the powerstroke. Why would they switch them around?
  6. IA_James

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    Not happening, Chrysler signed long term again with Cummins just a few years ago, Navistar is out of the light duty market since Ford canned them, and I can't imagine GM picking them up when they've got something that works after the 6.0 debacle.
  7. atasteofnature

    atasteofnature LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thank you everyone for the inputs that helps me out and can pass the info. on.
  8. addictedtolandscaping

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    BOy I would doubt that. The 6.0 is a total pos and I hear that the 6.4 isn't much better. The Allison Duramax marriage is awesome, I just bought my 07 dodge because of the cummins. Alot of guy doing just that. I got to tell you all, that 6.7 cummins put out, holy Shyt!!!!! The thing has more power than anything I have ever driven including the cat in my top kick. I would tend to think that the only one left out in the cold here is Ford, to bad, been a die hard for years, but definitely died with my experiences with that 6.0. I have a 97 ram withthe cummins in it, and that thing has been awesome. I hit the key and she is going, regardless of the weather.
  9. Mowingman

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    I just read that Navistar and Ford signed a new agreement. So, I think that relationship is going to go on for several more years. I guess they kissed and made up.
    Cat is going to launch a new line of heavy duty construction trucks under the Cat name. Of course, they will have Cat engines.
    Peterbilt is coming out with their own diesel engines. They have had a lot of trouble with Cat engines not meeting EPA compliance regs., as well as Cat not being able to deliver engines to the Peterbilt factory on time.
  10. atasteofnature

    atasteofnature LawnSite Senior Member
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    Can't wait to see what happens.

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