Diesel engines changing hands...?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by atasteofnature, Feb 24, 2009.

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    California kind of made sure of that. Hino shut down the truck plant there. WV Hino plant was doing pretty good last year. If things keep up, they might put in a rail line to the plant. Do you want a white one or a red one, as that's the color most of them were on the plant grounds?
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    im just waiting for my ford with a cummins and allison. mmmmmm, that would be nice. argue over that
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    I heard that dodge was going to lose cummins to ford gm is set on dmax. dodge would be screwed then. toyota was supposelvly with cat. but that wont happen. I like the big ass hino 8.0 liter. I hope that my dodges can keep the cummins!
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    you heard wrong.
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    since this whole thread is "i heard"s , i heard ford had bought out cummins and has been waiting for the contract with dodge to expire. ive also heard ford is making their scorpion diesel. so why would they make their own if they are putting the cummins in. my oppinion, scorpion or cummins will be a winning match for ford
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    If you want a Cummins ISB in your FERDS get you a F-650 with the Cummins ISB engine upgarde:rolleyes:

    Back in the early 90's, Ford bought less than 15% of outstanding Cummins stock. Many companies buy into other products to add diversity, corner a market, or form an alliance. In 1997, Cummins repurchased all stock previously owned by Ford, and no Ford management is now on the Cummins board of directors. Since 1998 in the pickup market, Cummins B engines are exclusively contracted to Chrysler, an arrangement that both companies are eager to continue. Ford medium duty (class 6 and 7) and heavy duty (class 8) trucks are available with Cummins B engines. Hey, if it's good enough for a Ford 10 ton truck, I think the Cummins B is adequate for my Ram pickup! You can keep your Power Stroke. :)

    From the Cummins website: Ford does not own Cummins stock
    No, at one point Ford owned less than 10% of Cummins stock, but now Ford doesn't own any Cummins stock.

    Again, from a Cummins press release: http://www.cummins.com/news/benefit.html
    (Jan. 3, 1997) - Cummins Engine Co. Inc. today announced that it will issue 3.75 million shares of its common stock to an employee benefits trust for use in meeting the company's future obligations under employee benefit and compensation plans. While the trust shares may be used to fund a number of these plans, the principal use will be in funding contributions to employee retirement savings programs the company revised on January 1, 1997.
    Formation of the trust and issuance of the shares to the trust will have no effect on the company's earnings per share calculation. Shares of common stock held by the trust will not be used in calculating the company's reported earnings per share until the shares are distributed from the trust and allocated to a benefit plan.
    The company also announced that it has repurchased 1.3 million shares of its common stock from Ford Motor Company and has authorized the repurchase of an additional 1.7 million shares in the open market. In accordance with the terms of the company's 1990 investment agreement with Ford, Kenneth R. Dabrowski, a Ford vice president who has recently served on the Cummins Board of Directors under the terms of the investment agreement has resigned, effective with the repurchase. Following the repurchase from Ford, the company has approximately 38.2 million shares outstanding.
    Cummins, headquartered in Columbus, Ind., is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of diesel engines and related products. These engines provide power for its key markets: automotive, power generation, industrial and filtration.

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    I have a f-750 with a cummins in it and I have had alot more trouble with it then any of my powerstrokes. I"m not saying there is anything wrong with cummins this is just my experience.
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    You need to smack your Bro in law.
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    Internaional and Ford are done. International is now working with GM.

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