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What are the pros and cons of buying a diesel for your ZTR purchase?<p>Why or why not would you use one? <p>If you were searching for horsepower would a higher horse gas liquid cooled option be a better choice?


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All things considered the Diesel is the engine of choice for the following reaons.<br>1: Overall engine life expectancy. Could easily double that of gas. Low maintanence no sparkplugs, ignitionsystem. Just filters.<br>2: Great low end torque. Generates most of its usuable torque at the lower end of the speed range.<br>3: Better fuel economy. Will deliver more power for a longer period on the same gallon of fuel.<br>4: Resale. Great market for well cared for diesel engines particularly Kubota.<p>Negatives: Higher initial cost, noise, smell, cold start difficulty, high cost of filters. <br>I have owned many diesels on many different types of equipment. I found that it comes down to one simple fact. Either you like them or you don't. People who like them accept them totally others can never justify the initial higher cost. I like them. I like the sound and I like the simplicity. Nothing sounds more powerful than a good diesel engine.


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I agree with Walkerider. Deisels are work horses. Exmark may come out with a deisel within a year. I plan to buy one. Now there is more that get go wrong with a liquid cooled gas engines, but it will last alot longer than a air cooled. But if I were going with liquid cooled anything I would go with a deisel.

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From what I have heard from DC's experiance with diesels is that they aren't selling like they expected. My dealer said that most guys can't justify the extra money spent. When I bought my first DC, they didn't offer the diesel or I would probably have gotten one then. The average life expectancy of the Yanmar if taken care of, is supposed to be around 12,000 hours, so it will outlast several gas engines, save you money in fuel, and give your more low end torque. <br>I read on a post here that someone said the diesel didn't start as good as a gas engine when it's cold out. I have a Yanmar in my JD I use in snow plowing and I have started it at 15 below zero and it sits outside on the trailer, ready to go plowing. I guess the coldest I've started my Kohlers is around 20 degrees in the fall when chopping leaves and I know for a fact, the Yanmar will start faster than the Kohlers will at that temperature. After having this diesel for 10 years, I'm considering another one. If it only lasted twice as long as a gas engine, I feel it will still save you a lot of money. The average price to buy a 25 Hp gas engine and have it installed when you blow one seems to be close to $2000, but I guess most guys don't keep their equipment as long as me. If you add up the ages of my 3 machines, it comes to 23 years. Some guys tell me, &quot;but you take good care of your machines&quot;. As much as this equipment costs, why doesn't everyone do the same? As my father told me, &quot;it's cheaper to change the oil than the engine.&quot;<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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Last year I used a 60&quot; cut Dixie Chopper with a Kohler 25HP engine. This year I am using a 60&quot; cut DC with a Yanmar 26HP engine. One 2 1/2 acre job this year is taking 70 to 80% of the time it took last year to mow with the Kohler engine. Fuel usage is down about 30%. Today I paid $9.00 for a 5 gal can of 89 octane gasoline. I paid $6.04 for a 5 gal can of diesel. <p>----------<br>Larry<br>

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My other job is a golf course Super,so I know and use many diesels on my course.When I went to buy a DC,I went thinking I was coming home with a diesel,beings I have an off-road tank and pump already and I love diesels,including my Dodge/Cummins.I demo'd the 60&quot; 23.8Hp diesel,and I feel the engine is to big and heavy for this chassis,I bet its OK in a 72,but it looks and feels like its draggin on its rear bumper when you run it.The high torque diesels have is useless in this application,this engine needs to be revved to 3600,that is too high for a diesel to be efficient.I tried to mow a small hill with it and it stood up before I got 1/2 way up it.I then drove a 2500xw with the command,it was like lighting,light and quick,climbed the same hill,stopped in the middle and hit it hard ,and it still didnt come up,so thats the one I bought.I have only 25 hrs on it and already wish I'd bought the deisel,but its just not refined enough yet,and I think thats why they are slow sellers as well.My dealer still has the one I used,they cant give it away.its a shame,great engine,wrong application and weight distribution ruined it for me.the 3000 bucks I saved will buy a lot of gas,and with the amsoil bypass/coolers the kohler should last a long time-way longer than Ill have it.Maybe then theyll have a diesel thatll make me happy.Diesels rule,love the smell,power,and sound.<p>----------<br>John D<br>

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