Diesel Exhaust and acessories.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ben's Landscape, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Ben's Landscape

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    I am looking to upgrade the exhaust on my ford to true dual 3 inch with the crome tips and such. I think it would be cool looking because the only duals i have seen on diesels are stacks. I want the exhaust to run either straight out the back or have like a 45 deg. bend so that they run out the corners of the bed right before the bumper.

    What should I do for mufflers and such to get the most power but still be legal. I don't know if R.I. allows straight pipes or not. I am trying to increase my MPG and get a little more power. Is this possible for this truck??

    What other acessories could I do to boast power and get better MPG. BTW its a non turbo diesel. I dnt really want to spend the money for a turbo right now. Thanks
  2. JPsDuramax

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    I would recommend looking at Banks. I have a single 4" on my Duramax as well as a Banks Cold Air Intake. It added a little bit to the MPG but I also have my foot in it more. If you don't go with a kit, you can have custom 3" duals put in with mufflers from Flomaster, Summits, or something similar. I'm not sure how available 3" diesel mufflers are though. You may have to increase your size. Hope that helps
  3. TXNSLighting

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    Yeh its going to be hard to find diesel exhaust under 3.5". But i think it should help a bit. Straight pipe it and be happy! Or just go with Aero Turbine.
  4. westcoh

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    To really gain much, you'll have to straight pipe it, which would mean getting rid of the catalytic convertor which isn't legal for on-road use. I don't know how strict they enforce that around where you are.

    I just put a mbrp 4" straight pipe on my duramax and it really helped wake the truck up. I love the sound of it now too.
  5. S&S Outdoor Services

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    I had custom 4" dual exhaust built for cummins that y's out after the muffler. Nobody in my area could bend that size pipe so heart throb had to bend it and ship it here. With that and a new muffler it cost me $1050 with no tips or anything special. It was a straight 4" pipe but it sounded like a damn Mack truck so I figured I could spare a little HP to hear myself think while driving it. The power loss is a little noticeable but not terrible because it's a high flow muffler. You might save some money by going with a single 4" pipe and y it to duals but I think 3" might be a little small even with true duals. Just my two cents. - Sam
  6. Ben's Landscape

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    I just was thinking 3" because if I went with the stock kit autozone pulled my truck up on the comp. and it came up as a 2.5 inch and that is what is on the truck. A single 2.5 inch. So I figure I am losing some power with that.

    Can I go with just a regular muffler or do I need a diesel muffler. I don't think there is a Cat. on my truck!
  7. S&S Outdoor Services

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    I honestly don't know if you need a diesel muffler or not. I can tell you the one that's on my truck is twice as big as anything I've ever seen on a gas vehicle. And yes... anything would be better than 2.5 inch. The more a diesel can breathe, the better; there's not a whole lot of concern for back pressure like there is for gas trucks. I figure if you can get an 8 inch pipe down there, why not. Bigger the better as long as you can afford it.
    My Dodge had a Cat a long time ago but from what I'm told is it does nothing more than a muffler. Diesels already run clean enough to pass an emissions test with out a cat. Don't quote me on that, but I had two of my shops tell me the same thing.
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    duals on diesels are gay you only need one.
  9. pitrack

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    Not always.
  10. S&S Outdoor Services

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    duals are different.. everybody's got either one big pipe or stacks. Stacks are cool but I'll leave that for highschool kids. Plus if you've got something in the bed (grass clippings, leaves, etc.) it could start on fire, not to mention the lost bed space. I like my duals.

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