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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by General Grounds, Dec 23, 2001.

  1. General Grounds

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    :blob3: I recently demoed the 60" diesel lazer, wow what a machine, needless to say that after 3 days demoing i put a deposit on it for march. tons of power, fuel efffecint, GREAT cut, it ran circles around my dixie. i believe its worth the 12,995, i think many of you guys out there would agree after 10 min on this mower, i was blown away. it has a 31 hp diahatsu/briggs engine. check it out .Tony

    MWS LAWN LawnSite Member
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    I looked on the exmark site, only saw a 27 hp. diesel, the 31 hp. was gas I think. Also Could someone let me know what a T-Bar is, after viewing some posts, looks to me it is something that is put on a gear drive to help the reverse?
  3. AltaLawnCare

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    The T-Bar is the drive system on the Toro belt drives. It takes the place of the hand grips. Only Toros have it (that I know of), unless another type of Walk has been retrofitted.

    My 52"Toro has it. Some people prefer it better, some don't - really depends on what you're used too.

    BTW, my walk behind will not back up on it's own, I have to tug it.

    MWS LAWN LawnSite Member
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    Thank you Billy. Ihave not done much researce on all this new stuff. Great place to find out whats out there. What are doule blades this guys are talking about on the graverly equip.?

    MWS LAWN LawnSite Member
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    whoops, misspell double blades.
  6. AltaLawnCare

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    LOL :)

    I've tried that Too! You stack two blades on top of each other in a "+". The deck has twice the suction, and cuts the clippings up twice as well. Bad thing is it will pull the mower hard, and stir up a lot of dust!

    I tried Gators on top and standard JD low lifts on the bottom of the 345, and double standards on the Toro.
    But went back to singles. Some of the old John Deere mulching kits were designed this way, and Dixie Chopper sells a special bracket to run them on their mowers.

    MWS LAWN LawnSite Member
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    Sounds good until you may hit a rock. To me it would mess the bottoms of my spindles up. The gators work very well, I like them alot.
  8. Evan528

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    MWS, I think you thinking of one LS member (cant remember his name) who has posted about adding a t-bar Handle (from a Toro) to his scag. He has mentioned that with the t-bar controls his belt driven machine acually has a true reverse now instead of "reverse assist" wich isnt worth a dam.
  9. MOW ED

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    True but the T-bar is also used on the Toro Hydro. Toro has also began making the good old pistol grips too for the W'B's. Check out the site

  10. zmowing

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    :blob2: do you only cut small lawns? A lot of wasted HP on a 60"

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