Diesel Mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 021462, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. 021462

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    How many of you have a diesel mower on the trailer? I have looked at them and was wondering what are the advantages of a diesel mower over gas if there is any? I currently run a gas ZTurn 52" TORO and a 44" TORO Hydro walk behind. I like both but, the other day I sat on a TORO Diesel ZTurn and man that thing looks mean and sounds sweet! The price out the door was right at $12,000.00! That kind of money I could buy another gas ZTurn and walk-behind! Just curious.
  2. Teiman

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    I don't have one now, but had one 4000+ hrs.

    currently running gas stander because of a good deal.
    I miss My diesel.

    short term better off with gas if you have the business
    to keep the extra equip busy. (cash flow)

    Long term better to go diesel, Way less maint and repairs
    almost double the fuel mileage (profit)
  3. green acres lawns

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    I have one also(Scag Sabre tooth). Great power. Burn's less than one gallon per hour. Demoed it in a hay field. Bought it because I wanted a diesel mower to go with My JD tractor and bush-hog. I also like the John Deere 997.
  4. 021462

    021462 LawnSite Member
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    The Deere 997 is a sweet machine, as you can see. I have a diesel truck that I bought 2 years ago and that has me hooked now!

    JD Green.JPG
  5. duramaximizer

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    We have a kubota and are in it for life I think unless my dad can trade for a new one farely cheap. IMO if you can put down the cash and are in it for a long haul, then get the diesel. We can mow 15hours on whatever the kubota ZD21 holds. (Somewhere around 9 gal I think) That is cheap opperation in my book. We used to run a gasser and we had burn atleast 5 gal for 2.5 hours work. There are guys running in the 10,000's of hours on a kubota and never doing a thing to them.
  6. shortgut

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    I HAVE A kUBOTAS ZD28 60 PRO DECK and it uses about 3/4 gal a hr sometimes more sometimes less the Scag Saber Tooth Tiger A Dahatsu 31 HP 3 cylinder gas job uses about a gal a hour wish that it was a diesel as we have a 500 gal farm diesel tank $1.869 verse $2.289 a gal
  7. Teiman

    Teiman LawnSite Member
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    Mine was a cushman Frontline, with Kubota Diesel.
    had well over 4000 hrs when the stamped deck rotted away.
    I Never did anything but change the oil, filters and antifreeze.
    Sold it to a guy who wanted a good motor and power frame but
    did not need the deck. I bet it is still pushing something around.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    I would strongly recommend taking a very long hard look at the Grasshopper mid-mount 321D/52" 322D/61" or 428D/61".....

    Personally I am extremely impressed with the 322D/61"....

    Kubota Diesel
    5 1/2" deep deck
    Really surprising ride quality
    Low center of gravity

    Lighter weight than the competition due to better overall machine design
    Smaller more compact size

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