Diesel Mowers

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  1. DQL10

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    Not sure if anyone commented on the EFI engines compared to Diesel engines. Fuel consumption mignt be similar but expect both repair bills to be more expensive to the regular carb engines. Although I would love to have a diesel exmark, I just cant afford the maintenance costs. Maybe those who have both or ran both can comment more on the differences.
  2. 123hotdog

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    My first diesel bought used 2200 hours, 2500 hours now, never touched the diesel engine yet. My second diesel bought used 724 hours, 900 hours now, never touched the diesel engine either, other than general maintenance. My Kawasaki gas engine bought used ( no meter ) never touched it either. My Kohler 22 horse, junk, replaced with a 23 with 250 hours, junk too. The Kohler carb engine burns gas like crazy and the previous Kohler did too. The diesels are unbelievable on fuel consumption.

    JCL LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    I had a snapper pro with a kawi 21 last year and this year i bought a
    Ferris with the Yanmar diesel. Night and day difference in fuel economy.
    Both had (2) 5 gallon tanks. I can mow twice as much with the same amount
    of fuel. The only downside i see is the weight of the diesel compared
    to the gas.
  4. newblade

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    I am very interested to hear all the pros and cons of the ferris with the yanmar, how is the new ferris deck, thanks
  5. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    The maintenance costs wouldn't be that much more. My diesels hold just shy of 4 quarts of oil, besides a bit more oil what other maintenance would be more?
  6. Green-Man

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    I also have a question. Does a diesel mower also burn the same gph when it's under load? Thanks in advance
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  7. 123hotdog

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    You should test a diesel mower. The other day I cleaned up a lawn for a real estate developer that is a good customer of mine. The lawn was a foreclosure that hadn't been mowed all year. Yeah, all year, and that is the first time my mower was ever under a load. You won't put one under a load just mowing. Too much torque for that.
  8. jrs.landscaping

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    I can count on one hand the number of times the Yanmar in my Deere has bogged down.....
  9. Green-Man

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    I actually do have a kubota zd 221 which is diesel, it does have A LOT of torque but only 21 hp. So I have managed to put it under load when i dont cut my yard for like 4 weeks and was just curious about it using more fuel when I do put it under load. If anyone can answer that would be great thanks.
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  10. Fresh-popcorn

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    I have a JDZ950 gas and a JDZ997 Diesel both 72" and both bought brand new within 2 years (950 first and then 997 earlier this year.)
    Vast differences in both.
    950; Quicker, more maneuverable, easier to control, gas hog.
    997; Much more power/torque, very fuel efficient, heavy as ****, not as responsive when making turns or zipping around.

    In the end the 997 will make up the cost differences in fuel costs and longevity and ultimately cost much less than the 950.

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