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    Yes you just stated that the seats are not right for you on the Dodge so you buy a truck for the comfort of the seats ?
  2. BPS##

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    Lucky for me Ford seats are comfortable and the rest of the vehicle does a damn fine job of getting the job done.
  3. 01thump

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    Yes you are very lucky......
  4. ParkWelding

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    The Dodge I have, compared to the Ford, has had a higher cost of ownership per mile. For work trucks, thats all that matters in the end.
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    I had a boss years ago who was die hard Ford all the way. He and his family had at least three Fords and he talked smack about my 02' Ram 2500. Then he got his first taste of one of those 6.0's and his tune began to change.

    He was driving from Alaska back to Texas and his 6.0 did one of it's classic HG blowouts. He had run into other issues as well where he was less then pleased with the warranty support. He had to rent a Dodge with a Cummins in it and that was all she wrote. He sold every Ford the family owned and went all in on Dodges.

    I would have to say the 6.0 and even the 6.4 made a lot of guys into buy it for the engine type guys. It sounds like Fords new baby called the 6.7 may be the best oil burner they ever put in one of their trucks but their track record sucks so much it's going to take many years to lure back most of the truck owners they ran off with the prior engines. I would have to say the 6.0 & 6.4 was better for GM and Dodge truck sales then any advertising they ever could have done.

    I'm down here in Texas the HD pickup (and 1/2 ton) capital of the U.S. and I've truly been amazed at how few Fords I've seen running around with the hard to miss 6.7 door logo's. You'd think Ford guys would be dumping 6.0's & 6.4's to grab up the much better 6.7's but it seems everyone is taking a wait and see approach big time.
  6. BPS##

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    One thing thats holding down sales if you're in an area thats struggling economically is the price tag.

    Around $50k for a pickup?????????????????????

    I see a lot of them in my area tho.

    As for your boss and his 6.0...... I was smart enough to never buy one of those. The problem reports started early and kept coming.
    Didn't take me long to stay set on the 7.3.

    I had a perfectly fine 7.3 that was wrecked last summer.
    I found a replacement out of N Texas with 96,000 miles for $10,500.
    Since then I've seen trucks with less miles than that, they don't sit around long. And they bring good money.
  7. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    A majority of the 6.0's still on the road here in NE TX that I have seen had the aftermarket mods to make them reliable.
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    You don't save much, if any money by running a diesel. You run a diesel because you want/need the extra towing power, or because you really like the rumble. Based on your post, you're looking at doing this to save money in fuel. Let's do some math (rounded off to make things easier).

    Lets say for giggles that a new truck pulling (gaser) will get 10mpg. Might be generous, might not. Lets go with ten. Gasoline is currently $3.65 in my area, local markets may vary. That means your cost to drive the vehicle is 36.5 cents per mile.

    A diesel pulling the same trailer gets 15 (again, pulling a number out of my rectum to illustrate a point), diesel is currently $4.15, local markets may varry. The cost to drive per mile is 27.6 cents.

    Price will fluctuate one way or another, but using these prices as a constant, we can break it down in today's costs. Now, a diesel engine is a 7-8K option right off the bat. At a cost difference of 8.9 cents per mile to drive, you will need to drive...84,269.6 miles to make up the cost difference in the engine option alone. That's to say nothing of any add ons to get better MPG or the price difference in maintenance items of diesel vs a gas engine. It also doesn't count whatever the additional interest on the higher payment would cost. I could figure it out, but I'm sure by now you're getting the idea.

    This scenario is for a new truck only, but does illustrate that diesels don't save a tremendous amount of money over comparable gas engines, and even then, not until you've driven 84k miles to reach the break even point. Buy a diesel because you need the capacity, not to save on fuel.

    I agree with previous posters, look for a mid 90s 7.3 with a manual tranny.
  9. ParkWelding

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    One thing you have to add to those calculations when thinking of new trucks, is that the resale value of the diesel truck, above and beyond the gas truck (in most cases) is high enough to offset the original premium for the diesel upgrade by maybe 50%. So at the 84,xxx mile mark, if you were to sell the truck you'd be ahead by probably $3000 or more over the same gas engine truck. Even factoring in the extra expense of diesel oil/filters, extra fuel filter changes etc. you're money ahead and you've had the extra power available over a gas truck for those 84K miles.

    That being said, if I had to consider buying one new truck for my use I'm not sure whether it would be a gas or diesel. Unless I was sure it would be sold before the warranty was up on the engine/transmission.
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    Went from a 6.0 in the 1500hd pulling 16" loaded enclosed or 14" dump getting 7.5mpg to a 2004 6.6 duramax getting 13-14 loaded!!!
    It's nice getting fuel every 10 days vs every 3.5!!!
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