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    This post is hilarious. So funny I didnt even read the rest of the thread. PMR's wont fail at 200k. Completely untrue. PMR's fail due to advanced timing and running anything north of 400 HP, which I doubt the OP will do.

    And a 5.9 making 1000 hp on stock internals? Keep dreaming. It's been done but it is no where near reliable. You should do some more research and put down the diesel power magazine.

    My 7.3 (01 with 320k miles) with PMR's runs like a champ, gets 20+ mpg unloaded on the highway and 12-14 depending on what I am towing.

    My 05 6.0 got about the same mileage but had alot more towing power. It was a blast to drive and never gave me any issues in the 20k miles I put on it.

    I know several people with reliable 5.9 cummins that have the same power and get the same mileage.

    Pick what truck you like, test drive the $hit out of it and get it. Once you go diesel you will never go back to gas.
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    My neighbors 6.0 work truck has 300K on it but they had to deal with clogged EGR's, blown HG's, warped heads, and other stuff. The big headache for guys under warranty was Ford would just put the same failure prone parts right back on the truck. Some guys didn't get their truck back for a month when the cab had to come off for an HG. Some guys had their truck in the shop more then on the road.

    If you can get a 6.0 for cheap it's not a bad deal but if you have to foot the bill for the HG, EGR, FICM, turbo, injectors, oil cooler screen or after market cooler, coolant filter, head studs, and so on it's likely not a good deal.

    I don't mind dropping four grand to get my 09' Ram truck deleted, Smarty programmed, 5" TBE, Air dogged, AFE Pro equiped, ARP 625 studded, Edge gauge equipped and so on. I just would hate to drop that kind of cash to make a truck dependable at the stock power level. Even then it's no where near as good as the Cummins or Duramax. This is why so many guys chose to have Destroked or other companies drop in a Cummins 5.9 12 valve, 24 valve, or CR.
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    I realize all that. I'm a cummins guy like you. I have no intentions of buying a 6.0 that's for d$@m sure. I have an 11' 2500 CCSB G56 3:42 rear, 5" tbe, XRT pro, sinister egr/cooler delete. I've had a 90', 97', 04', and current CTD.

    My brother builds metal buildings with a 6 man crew. They run 3 trucks. He bought a 6.0 c&c cc f350 in 05' so I got to hear all about it first hand. I was simply saying what I have observed about the 6.0 trucks still on the road in my local area.
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    I agree 100% that it would really suck to go back to plugs after burning oil in the newer 600-800 ft lbs trucks. It would be like willingly castrating yourself.

    This http://www.dieselpowermag.com/tech/..._power_stroke_long_block_rebuild/viewall.html is a different Diesel Power article but it touches of the performance failures as well as the occasional high millage stress cracking failure due to the rods being cheaper PMR's rods versus better quality forged rods used in the Cummins.

    I may have misquoted the other article. The other article I had read listed all the issues with the various Powerstroke engines and mentioned 200K as being no problem for reliability but to be careful after that when thinking about purchasing one. My 7.3 died at 74K so I moved on to engines that were built to higher standards. I realize 174K is not the norm for failure.

    It's easier to find decent used Diesels in Texas now that have six in a row. But back in the early 2000's it was just about impossible to find a used Cummins in the 120K-160K range. The wholesale auctions where dealers unload their trade ins had nothing worth buying. One of the trucks I saw was a 24 valve with 512,000 miles on it. Most guys who bought the earlier year Dodge truck drove them until the body rotted off the frame.

    I figure if the Cummins is the #1 engine choice used to repower 6.0's, used in the new F650 & F750, and used more in repowering many older makes and models of vehicles then any other Diesel engine then they must be doing something better then the competition. If Chrysler had gone belly up and the Cummins had ended up in all the Ford trucks I would have had to suck it up and buy another truck with a blue oval. Thank you Obama :laugh:.
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    All the posts talking about how great the cummins is because people will put them in fords but they wont put powerstrokes in Dodges is hilarious... That is because who would want a dodge over a ford if it didnt have the cummins??

    I will admit, the cummins is a great engine, but I would never own one again because i would never want the Sh!t dodge truck and powertrain around it. If i were to ever have a cummins it would be in a ford body.

    I have met a few people who did this swap, and they did it because they liked the cummins but hated all their previous dodge truck bodies. Up here plowing the commercial companies had to replace almost every single front end part EVERY YEAR. and transmissions all the time too.
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    the 7.3 and 5.9 are both great engines. The 5.9 in my experience has gotten slightly better mpgs, but didnt own it long enough to base reliability against the powerstroke.

    5.9 cummins= great motor
    7.3 Powerstroke= great motor
    dodge truck= crap
    ford truck= much much better

    Do the math, that is why people put cummins in fords but not powerstrokes in dodges. If the dodge was just as good as the ford then there would be powerstoke fans putting them in dodges.

    Why take a good engine out of a great truck and put the good engine in the crappy truck? it wouldnt be an improvement it would be worse. Whereas the cummins going into the ford is an improvement for the cummins
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    I'd take my dodge any day. Only reason I buy fords in my fleet is because there cheap. I also trade often them quickly because they quickly live up to their name FIX OR REPAIR DAILY. My dodges consistently are more reliable then the fords in my fleet.
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    Pretty truck= Ford
    Work truck durability= Dodge
    Pretty work truck= Fummins

    I would have to agree the Dodges from the 70's thru 93 had crap bodies but the Fords were not much better. You rarely see old Fords on the road much. You see more old GM trucks on the road then Ford and Dodge combined.

    As the 7.3's all die out I think you'll be finding more old 5.9 Dodges on the roads then anything else. The new Ford 6.7's may be very good engines but only time will tell. Fords biggest issue is they ran off a lot of die hard blue oval guys to the Cummins and Duramax powered trucks and getting then back is not going to be as easy as running them off. I'm in Texas the number one state for trucks and I'm not seeing a lot of 6.7 emblems running around.
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    3 of my customers have the new Ford 6.7. 1 of them works it hard pulling a 32' cattle trailer. He only has 31k on it though. No problems yet. As you say time will tell.
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