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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jaguar4000, Aug 3, 2004.

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    have a 23 hp mitsubishi diesel w/ 1800 hrs that we have ran 10w 30 in since new. 10w-30 is what the owners manual said use. CD & SF are the oil spec requirements listed under the hood. We have been running regular (not synthetic) castrol 10w-30. We have 2 Kubota engines and both of them call for 10w 40 and we use rotella. I know yanmars call for 10w 40 also as we recently had a pair of them in a boat. Just wondering if we should switch to 10w40 in the mitsubishi. I do not think it would hurt but kind of hard to change now after putting 1800 hrs on this engine and it still runs as strong as the first day we bought it. Thanks for any input.
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    If you have had good luck with the 10w30, why change? Especially if thats what the engine manufacture recommends. However, most diesels use 15w40 API SJ CH-4. the newest API specs for 15w40 are CI-4 CH-4/SL. This will work in the older engines as well as the new ones. It just keeps it cleaner inside by keeping soot in suspension.
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    Jaguar, go to your nearest Wally World and see if they sell the Rotella SYNTHETIC there.. They do at mine, and it's dirt cheap!! ( For synthetic )...BTW it comes in a dark blue Jug...
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    I run 15W40 right now in the warmer weather in my 1995 F250 Powerstroke 73.L Turbo. But as soon as the cold weather comes I have to change to 10W30 (Diesels oils of course). The 15W40 is too thick for me to get my engine started on those cold mornings, even with the block heater in service.

    My Point, Oh ya: The 15W40 will be thicker oil than 10W30, you may experience more or less oil consumption when changing from 1 to the other. No big deal.
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    From what I've read Amsoil is probably the best oil you can put in, especially synthetic. But it's very pricey but since your putting it in your mower it won't hurt your pocket book to much since it's not like put 12 or 14 quarts in a truck.

    I recently switched over to Valvoline premium blue from rotella syn. Valvoline rates a little better in wear protection than rotella or delo 3000. I would of went with Amsoil but 3 gallons is $99.
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    A good site for you all to learn about oil.
    www.bobistheoilguy.com Go to the forum section, and they have a lawn and garden section!

    People on there know ALOT about oil! VERY good info.

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