Diesel or gas Isuzu?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MikeKle, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. MikeKle

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    I went isuzu shopping today,looked at a 2001 diesel with 74K on it,asking $12,500. good shape,but power steering doesnt work too good so you really have to keep on it to keep it straight.Other one was 2001 with 350 V8 with 61,000 miles asking $10,000.both of these trucks are well under the Blue Book value, the gas model seems to be in much better shape but Im worried what kind of MPG it will get as the gas prices is why we are looing at an Isuzu.The dealer says it will get around 17 HWY and 13 city.Any suggestions on which would be better for lawn care(both have 14ft boxes).Thanks guys.
  2. Steveslawncare

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    I've seen some old Isuzu trucks around town, like late 80's or early 90's, with the diesel. They (old ones) blow black smoke and stink when behind, but are still running. On the other hand, I do not see any older gasoline models. A gas V8 that works hard all its life is not the same as one that does not carry much of a load. They will wear MUCH FASTER under load versus a diesel under load. More longevity from the diesel, but the gas one should do the trick for several more years. Never owned an Isuzu, but am interested to see the responses.
  3. fool32696

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    Diesel costs 20% more than gas here in FL, so the diesel will have to have 20% better fuel economy to break even on fuel cost. Then you have to factor in paying more upfront for the diesel. I don't know much about maintaining cabovers but diesels cost a lot more to maintain. Maybe the diesel will only need service every 10k while the gasser will need service every 5k. Just some thoughts on the matter.
  4. Precision Lawns

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    I love my diesel. Fuel hurts everyone's wallet. But I don't have to maintenence it as often and they last forever, mine has a low 180,000 and is still cookin'. I would never buy a large gas burner to haul anything with, even on deck. I was hauling about 4 tons of dirt yesterday without a problem. Also, I'm pretty sure diesel does get better mileage than a gas burner (not sure about 20%) when hauling.
    Basically, if you want this truck to perform well for a long time, get a diesel. You won't look back at a higher price tag once you factor in all the advantages, that's why they are more expensive, they're flat out better, and longer living.
    Have fun.
    I think I may be a little biased....
  5. lawn king

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    My 2003 isuzu turbodiesel is a great engine, 60,000 miles and going strong. Show me any other 14500 gvw dumptruck that gets 15 mpg.
  6. LTDLawnCare

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    I have a 95 diesel isuzu with 272,000 on it. It smokes like its on fire when I start it in the morning but runs like a top the rest of the day. While fuel is definatly a factor, I dont think to many of the gas motors can tow/haul as much, or last as long. While the fuel savings would be great, I dont think a gas motor would last that many miles pulling a 16 ft enclosed every day. Personally I would go with he diesel. oh yeah. reccomended oil change is written on the visor of the truck and is every 6500 miles.
  7. DBL

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    of our 5 trucks the guys love our 00 gas npr dump the most. it runs strong but the mpg suck.
  8. Tadams

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    I've got a 1995 NPR with a 16 box that I haul 2 lazers and a WB in every day. I've been doing it for over 2 years. I've only had minor problems- front brakes, busted AC line, etc.It has about 170,000 miles on it. It gets about 9-10 MPG. It's a gas burner 350 Chevy in it. I've never had a diesel and probably never will- I can't stand the smell of the exhaust. It gives me a terrible headache! I have heard that the diesels get between 12-14 MPG but I really don't know. One more thing that is not really related to NPR's but more to do with the thread: I have asked these types of questions before- "what's the best mower" "What's the best this and that". The answers are always the same-the ones who have X like X the best and the ones that have Y like Y the best. Good luck on your choice.

  9. nosparkplugs

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    The diesel will be a better choice; especially hauling the 14' box that's going to be like a parachute going down the road (lots of drag).
  10. rider

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    10 mpg plus 20% = 12 mpg 30%= 13mpg 40% = 14mpg
    going from 9 mpg to 16 mpg haulin, priceless

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