Diesel Powered Remote Control Lawn Mower

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    I am getting ready to start on prototyping the track driven TRX-60. I plan to go with all hydraulic gear-motors using a 44HP Kabota or Isuzu Diesel powerplant in a self leveling cradle pushing a 60" hydraulic flail up front and two 60" flail batwing hydraulic attachments on the rear.

    Who should I go with on the hydraulics? I want to take my design to them and have the whole hydraulic system built for this machine. I had a rep from Parker hydraulics come out and talk shop with me last year but before I commit to this, you guys are going to decide my fate on this one. Diesel and hydraulics is a new ball game for me and we are talking a truckload of cash before this machine is ready for the DOT guys.

    Who would be the best hydraulic engineer to give this to?
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