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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Blueribbonlawns, May 13, 2008.

  1. Blueribbonlawns

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    So i was at Wyoming Kustomz getting my new leer topper installed and i was talking to the owner about what im using my truck for because im conserned with melting down my turbo.
    He said yeah you could run into some problems so this is what he suggested,
    Aftermarket trany oil pan to keep the tranny nice and cool at least 50*
    PPE tuner on level 2 will make your injectors more eficint so your not smoking wich in turn means better fuel milege,PPE EGR blocker plate to keep the used exhaust from going back into the intake And PPE air box mod's work just like a cold air intake.
    I want to try and keep my warrenty so if i run into any problems i wont have to pay for it, I think most of this is pretty hard to find unless they take stuff apart i just need to deprogram the tuner before it goes is to the stealership.
    Anybody more familar with this?
  2. coolluv

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    From what I have seen once you start to mess with the factory design you will run into problems. The chevy dealer will know that you have flashed the Computer regardless of what you do before you take it to the dealer. Those trucks were designed by GM to perform at a certain level and HP. You will burn up the trans and will shorten the life of the engine by modifying it.

    If you don't want problems and want to keep your warranty then stay away from tuners and modifications.

    Keep it original unless you have money to burn. If you want a race car buy one. If you want a work truck leave it be.

  3. PLS-Tx

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    Well said!!
  4. nosparkplugs

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    no tuner, just this IMO Cold air intake, 4" mandrel bent exhaust upgrade, let it breath a pyro gauge to watch your EGT's when towing. A good synthetic diesel oil & synthetic media oil filter, and always letting your turbo cool down before you shut the engine down will do more to pro-long the turbo, and Duramax than any diesel tuner, the guy is a salesman doing his job, and you "asked" for it; Tuners do help, but I would avoid just slapping one on the truck for what your doing with it. Their is a "certain" order of diesel add on performance parts one needs to have in place before a tuner will turn the wick up safely on the duramax. Also the Duramax has weak connecting rods & head gaskets you could blow the heads off the engine with too much boost, or bend a connecting rod with too much fuel
  5. Blueribbonlawns

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    Thanks guys after reading alot on tuners and what they do im going to steer away from them for now but i am having boost pyro and trany gauges and the trany cooler installed.
  6. TXNSLighting

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    You want to keep your warranty then dont do anything! Is your duramax an LBZ? if so you dont need nothin, they perform fine from the factory. mine is fast enough for me, and tows perfectly. if its an lly i understand. those arent very good. If you want no warranty concerns, just do a 4 inch exhsut, and a cold air intake. that will help your engine breathe, and your turbo spool up faster. There are some little plug in chips that add 50 hp that are not harmful to you engine, and manus wont ever look for em. just take everything off before you take it in for warranty crap.
  7. Blueribbonlawns

    Blueribbonlawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's an LBZ but i want to get gauges for towing so i know when its safe to shut down if the EGR's are too high then i want to leave it run to cool down.
    I really want this truck to last along time because i love it to death, so im trying be real careful what im doing.
    I has PLUNTY of power i first went to the tuner for the fuel gains but after hearing bad thing about them im not going to do it,
    And the EGR blocker plate, im sure if i do that it's going to through codes so im just going to get some gauges to monitor EGT's,Tranny temp or Fuel pres And boost thats all im doing so i think ill be fine.
  8. vos

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    i suggest you leave it alone.....like it has been said over and over again im not getting mad or frustrated at you but keep it stock i guarantee you you put some of that stuff on there and your truck life will be decreased regardless weither or not they say they wont hurt the motor. i own a 97 f-250 7.3 powerstroke has 197k on it and runs like off the show room floor, so what im trying to say is leave it alone.

    your buddy may not hav ethe money to fix up his truck, but seeing you broke down on the side of the road while hes still runnin is priceless. friend of mine told me that and to this day i believe him.

    cheers, landon
  9. stroker51

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    I wouldn't even worry about gauges on a stock truck, unless you're gonna be adding on later. Although we don't have the hills here that you pull up there in wyoming. Making a truck last with a tuner, chip, mods etc all rests on the driver of that vehicle. My 96 F250 Powerstroke has 211k, and has had an Edge Evolution on the 80 hp setting since 160k in fall of 05. i pull with it everyday, plow snow, etc, mainly cuz some idiot stole the tuner out of my truck so I'm stuck with an 80 horse burn and he has a VIN locked tuner, real smart. I still don't have gauges on my truck (stupid I know) but so far so good, runs like a champ once it's warmed up. i know of stock diesels with far less than 100K that have puked a turbo or motor or tranny. i've got a buddy with a 94 F350 Powerstroke 280k, 4 stage chip, bigger injectors, intake, stacks, etc. I know he's pulled to wyo tech in laramie a time or two with his 28' enclosed, and his truck runs a lot better than new. If your're worried about warranty though, leave it stock.
  10. mag360

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    Another vote for exhaust, intake, and gauges. The intake and exhaust will keep egts lower than stock and the guages will let you know how hard the motor and trans are working (although I think you have a tranny temp gauge in your stock cluster right?).

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