Diesel Truck Or Gasser?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JMiller08, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. JMiller08

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    Hey guys, im going to be in the market this year for a newer truck. Im looking to spend less than 15k on a 4x4. Would like to have an extended cab of some sort but not opposed to a regular cab. So here is my question gas or diesel? It will be a 3/4 ton. What are the upsides of both. I would love to have the brute force of a diesel but not sure if i really need it? Will just be hauling a landscape trailer with a z and wb. Also will be plowing with it and would like to have a dump insert. I know gas will be a lot cheaper with lower miles however the will longetivity of the diesel be better? i would like to have the truck atleast 5 years. Say 30k miles a year. So lets just round up and say 200k miles. What are your guys opinions? What do you run and why? All help is appreciated guys. Thanks again. :weightlifter:
  2. unkownfl

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    Id buy a diesel but you would be hard pressed to find one with under 100k for less than 15k made this millennium. Gas would get you a nice 3/4 ton for under 15k with less than 30k miles.
  3. JMiller08

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    Ive looked around and really would like to find a f250 2000 and up. Within my price range they run at about 125k miles give or take for a diesel. Gassers around here im looking at around 40k or so.
  4. unkownfl

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    Personally I bought my diesel because I can careless what it cost I need it. Its just that plain and simple. If you always think of the cost and not the capabilities of truck then buy a gasser. I love hearing the noise and I also love going up the on ramp to the highway with a trailer behind me and blowing the doors off other sedans.
  5. doubleedge

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    A diesel truck with 125k will run into mechanical problems much more quickly than a gas truck with 40k. They both use mostly the same components except the engine and transmission; out of those two the engine is the only component that should last much longer than it's gas counterpart.

    From what you described, you probably don't need a diesel truck. The Chevy 6.0, Dodge 5.7, Chevy 8.1, and Ford v10 are all pretty good, especially during the later years. Some people have had problems with Dodge's transmissions, though, so you may want to avoid the Dodge 5.7. You would pay more to repair the diesel truck (because of higher miles) than you would save in fuel economy over the big gas engines.
  6. Evan528

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    Unless you really "need" the power of a diesel than buy a gas........ Diesels are just way to costly to maintain and repair these days. Once I retire my 03 Ram diesel in a couple years I think my days of diesels will be coming to an end.
  7. unkownfl

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    Why are repairs anymore than a gas? A Diesel is a simpler engine.
  8. Junior M

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    diesel parts are typically more expensive..
  9. rstan2010

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    Dodge has improved there transmissions greatly. Those were the old trannies that had problems no the newer ones.
  10. GravelyNut

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    I do that too with an 8.1. And I've had people I know who've followed me say that it is loud even with a factory exhaust. :D

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