Diesel Truck Or Gasser?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JMiller08, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    I wouldn't buy a used diesel. Ever priced a water pump for one? And nobody towing a lawn trailer "needs" a diesel. My small block chevy has no problems with a 10k lbs trailer.
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  2. scagrider22

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    If your using it to pull a mowing trailer I would get a lower mileage Chevy 6.0 or a ford v-10 they both have plenty of power for what your doing. I have 3 chevy's with 6.0s not a single problem with one of them are newest is a 08 with 30k miles and the oldest is a 99 that has 360k miles with the original drive train. My ford 6.0 diesel was in the shop every 10k yea it pulled great when its was running but it was allways broke down! Ive also had one ford v-10 it was a good engine but i like the chevy better.

    NORTHMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    I've had two diesel trucks,a 99 Ford with a 7.3 and currently an 05 Dodge with a 5.9,I won't be buying another diesel pickup.For what I do,pulling a landscape trailer and plowing snow the gas engines would have worked fine.Gas engines last a good long time.Diesels are expensive to buy and expensive to operate.The only time that I think someone would really need a diesel is when there towing heavy loads on a regular basis.Wanting a diesel and needing a diesel are two different things.As some others have said,find a good GM 6.0 or a Ford V-10 or even a GM 8.1 or the Ford 5.4.
  4. Darryl G

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    I go for gassers but I'm a low mileage driver....just can't justify the extra cost because I will likely never get a return on it. I also like being able to use one pump to get all my fuel. And I hate that you can't even fuel up with diesel without smelling like it. If I were to move up to a 1 ton dump, maybe I'd consider a diesel, but not for a pickup truck.
  5. unkownfl

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    6.0 Ford water pump 2.8 hours 170 for the pump
    5.4 1.6 hours 163 for the pump
    6.8 1.5 hours 177 for the pump
    6.0 chevy 1.8 hours 250.00 for the pump

    I don't see a big enough difference to make a decision of 15k sorry.

    How are diesel parts more expensive???
  6. unkownfl

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    $1363 6.0 ford for a cylinder head
    $1493 5.4 cylinder head
    $1350-2800 6.8 ford cylinder head
    $575 Chevy 6.0
    $1475 chevy 6.6 plus 25-35 hours ouch.
    All of them pay almost the same amount of hours plus or min 2 hours so thats like 200 bucks except the 6.6.
  7. MikeKle

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    Diesels are much simpler engines, but a normal oil change takes about 15qts of oil!! I found its cheaper to run a gas engine, unless you are towing very heavy loads. Also, everyone says diesels can run up to 400K miles and more without major engine work, but if this was truly the case, why isnt there many old diesel trucks on the road? I see a couple here and there, but not that many, actually I see more older gas trucks than diesels, so the average diesel truck probably isnt seeing those high miles? They are great if you can afford one. dont forget about all the special additives you are supposed to add to the fuel and engine.
  8. Darryl G

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    I just sold a 1985 truck with 87.5k miles on it...the body rusted off before it even hit 100k. I've got 37k on my 03 Silverado. I only drive a truck when I need a truck. Otherwise I drive a car.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    Around here you buy a diesel because you want one. Todays diesels don't get the fuel mileage they cost more to operate and they don't last your lucky to get 200,000kms (125,000 miles) out of one reliably usually once a diesel reaches 300,000kms (187,000 miles) it is close to done once you reach 400,000kms (249,000 miles) it is rebuild time but the truck is usually rusted out and scrap.

    No hope in hell getting 400,000 miles 640,000kms out of a diesel you would have rebuilt the engine once and the truck would have been rebuilt 3 times.
  10. doubleedge

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    What about turbocharger prices between gas and diesel? :laugh:

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