Diesel Truck Or Gasser?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JMiller08, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. EverestLandscape

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    I have a diesel for the fact that i tow my 7 ton trailer with the skid steer. Other than that, a gas job would be fine to tow the maintenance trailer around. Another thing is if you do a lot of maintenance, the constant star, stop, start, stop of a diesel can shorten the injector and starter life greatly. I'm looking to buy another truck and I'm shootin for an F-350 with the V10. If you plan on putting a dump insert get the V10 as well, the Ford Triton V8 has NO balls with certain loads.
  2. ZTR_Diesel

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    I know this was a long time back.

    It used to be true - but it's far from true anymore.

    I would not reccommend a diesel to the average person anymore, and the longevity has been going out the window due to all the changes realted to '07 & '10 emossions regulations. Thanks CARB & EPA.
  3. Panhead

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    Gassers do the job for light towing\hauling. I have nothing against diesels, I love the Cummin's. But if I was hauling skid steer's, etc, thats when i'll get a diesel. Gasser's do last if you well maintain them.
  4. DoetschOutdoor

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    LOL, wonder what ya think of my 06 cummins pulling my lil 6x14 enclosed!!! I put 90k hard miles on my 02' chevy quarter ton truck, if the cummins gives me that many trouble free miles then I will be good to go until she can be retired as solely personal truck and be replaced with cheap gasser for work.
  5. Panhead

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    Never knew chevy made a quarter ton truck...
  6. Moto52

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    Thats pretty lame if you think a diesel pickup is only good for 200k. just cause thats all you can get out of your 6.0l powerstroke doesn't mean all the other diesels are the same. cummins, duramaxs and 7.3s go way more mileage then that as long as you keep clean oil in them...
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    I use my 5.7 gas Chevy for 80% of my work. It runs great, has lots of power, gets 16 mpg, and the resale value is as low as it can get so why rack up the miles on my Cummins. My Cummins does not impress me that much and it only gets 12 mpg and since its not chipped the power is not that hot either. Fuel pump failure on the gas truck $150, fuel injector failure on a diesel $2500+. My dream truck would be a 2004-2006 3500HD SRW with an 8.1, STS turbo, E-fans, custom computer tune. No diesel would mess with that and it would be cheaper to buy and maintain. That combo could pull a backhoe on the weekdays and on saturday night when the punks are cruising town you could waste a Mustang GT with ease. Most guys with that setup get 15 mpg towing and produce 600+ HP/TQ.
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    No it still is take that engine cover off once in awhile before you pass judgement. I've been working on vehicles for a long time. 5th generation mechanic myself. Yes older diesels are very simple but some were gas engines then as well. What a EGR and catalyst system to much evolved? Think gas vehicles don't have these? Theres more components in a gas vehicles emissions than a entire diesel engine in some cases.

    For the person that says starting and stopping is hard you can tell fed ex and UPS that. Also, you could always just let it run. How long does it take to do a yard 10-15 mins? Are you really worried about a starter?

    Gravel rat lives in a very extreme environment hell have you ever watched any of his videos of skid steers being iced to the trailer and taking half a day to get off? Nothing in that environment would last as long as it was designed too.
  9. DoetschOutdoor

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    Haha, thats what I called the Zr2 S-10 I was driving...much better than the regular s-10's but still, only about a quarter ton truck...
  10. ZTR_Diesel

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    Back off. Not a judgement type person, and if you read my signature, I have one of those simple diesels already. I understand their advantages and drawbacks with some aptitude.

    What I was reffering to are the 2007 & 2010 EPA-emissions regulated engines. Also applying to Tier IV which incorporates off-highway engines. Do a search for some very long reading.

    As for diesels, I've spent quite a bit of dyno time around them in pre-production development, and when you can give me the ins and outs of B10 & B20 life, and Weibull analysis then you can acuse me of judgement.

    Thank you and have a nice day. :)

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