Diesel vs Gas cost of ownership

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tacoma200, May 28, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    I was just wondering. Say you buy two identical trucks only one has a diesel and cost say $6,000 more at start up. counting maintenance, fuel, etc what would it cost to run each 200,000 miles? What would the savings be at that point? 300,00 miles (if the gas model makes it)? At what point would the diesel pay for its self and start returning your investment?
  2. stangman35

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    If you had a late model diesel you wouldnt even be asking the question.

    At 300,000 at current fuel prices you would save about $40,000 in fuel cost.
    Big block 12mpg
    diesel 20mpg

    If I can help it I'll never buy another gas truck.

    I had a 2006 dodge quad cab cummins,awesome truck

    Right now I have a 2006 ford crew cab lariat dually diesel,6.0 so far pretty sweet truck,480hp 900 ft lb torq:weightlifter:

    Go Diesel,no regrets
  3. JTF40

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    .......480 H.P. - 900 lbs.ft. of torque? NOT !!!!!!!!!

    You must have bought this truck from a USED CAR salesman.
  4. stangman35

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    Its not stock,think before you type:rolleyes:
  5. RedWingsDet

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    I did this last week... Here is what I found. However, I considered both gas prices the same, just different mileage.

    Chevy 4500 with a 8.1 would get 6mpg
    Chevy 4500 with a diesel would get 9mpg

    Fuel for both would be $3.50.

    Lets just consider this for 100k miles to make it simple.

    At 100k miles with the Gasser you would use 16,666 Gallons, which would cost $58,400 per 100k miles.

    At 100k miles with the Diesel you would use 11,111 Gallons, which would cost $38,888 per 100k miles.

    So per 100k miles you would save almost $20k per 100k miles.

    So if you put 50k on or so per year this is a huge savings. I was about to buy the gasser but once I did the math it changed my mind.

    However you must consider the extra maintenance in a diesel such as more oil, but less intervals, fuel filters, glow plugs, etc. But you will still save ALOT more money with a diesel, especially with the bigger medium duty trucks.

    Hope this helps.
  6. NewWave

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    Diesel. Hands down. All new vehicles added will be diesel. We still have one of our first trucks in service. 1994 Chevy 3500 diesel. 315k miles and still going. We are gonna run it until it quits running.
  7. grassmanak

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    ive been calculating the costs here as well lately, looking at 04-05 duramax crew cabs. Original cost would be about 3-4K more for a duramax engine. i will currently save 20.00 at the pump alone each time i fill up, not counting the better gas milage. The is an easy choice to fill for me. The diesel will be worth a lot more when you sell it as well.
  8. LTDLawnCare

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    I have an 95 NPR with 267,000 that gets about 16 mpg.
  9. ed2hess

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    We got rid of 2 big ford 6mpg gassers and got 2 chev diesel with crew cabs and won't go back to gas. We expect these units to run over 300K. The chev is so much quieter than the ford and cost us less.
  10. lawn king

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    We are running international,isuzu and kubota diesels. They are all great, the kubotas are very quiet.

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