Diesel vs. Gas engines on ZTRs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gbparn, May 4, 2011.

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    If looking- remember there is a weight difference- my Kubota ZD60 cuts like crazeee and it does have more torque and sips fuel. The only downside is that if I were mowing small yards I would have trouble with the size/weight of it (#1300lb machine only)- But as for "knocking it down" I mow 3 acre lot of bermuda in 1.5 hours including edging/trimming/blowing that I have seen other mower take 2-3 hours and bogging. Mine is a great piece of equipment. One decision for me is the dealer/service is less than 2 miles away and I have access to diesel also.
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    We cut 50 schools a week with Z Turns. It's not a 'small time' machine. You have to pile on the hours to make it pay for the extra cost of the diesel engine over the gas engine.
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    The ZD326 is a 1700lb machine!

    Considering most gas 60" class ZTR's are 12xxlb machines, that is a LOT of extra weight. Not something you really want to be using on residential lots.
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    . . . and the JD 997 is 1900 lbs
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    The 60" 997 is 1774lbs
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    We mostly cut residential...but the lots are large. 30K sq/ft lawns are not unusual. A small lawn around here is still over 10K sq ft (actual lawn area). The minimum lot size in my town is 2 acres.

    The weight issue would concern me in the spring, when the ground is soft after the thaw and spring rain.
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    well . . . fuelled and 72"
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    Farmer here. Diesel out works and out performs gas engines period! If you think different, you're wrong. I've got both form my lawn and farm. Diesel runs circles around the gas, plus it burns half the fuel and requires very little maintenance!
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    Unfortunately for those who like diesel mowers, the new Tier 4 emissions standards have greatly changed things. Diesel mower motors over 25hp have to meet the new stringent requirements increasing costs of those with larger motors or eliminating them as an offering by manufacturers. Along with more powerful and reliable big block gas engines the choice these days is pretty much gasoline, even for those who prefer diesel. At least that's what I'm hearing...not an expert on the matter :)

    P.S. - Love the 3 cylinder 24hp Yanmar diesel on my "wittle gween twactor"
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    I priced a new 2017 Kubota ZD1211 about a week ago. 72" was $14,700 and 60" was $13,900. That's really not much more than some of the big block gas burners. Its not the price that made me drive away with an empty trailer, its the tier 4 crap they've been forced to put on them. As of now, I'm looking around at older models with reasonable hours. The dealers tell you that tier 4 ain't that bad and that they've improved them a lot. However, the farmers I've talked to with newer tractors completely disagree and hate the tier 4 systems. Many of them experience too much down time when the diesel particulate's go into regen mode. I've been looking at the new Spartan ZTR. Friend of mine bought one for his farm and he loves it. He also owns a gravely and says its a great machine as well. Of course both are gas burners and for what I can get both for I would have no problem using them on my lighter duty mowing. I've got a Cat dealer 25 miles from me that is selling the spartan, the gravely and kubota dealers are 23 miles. John Deere is 21 miles, New Holland 22 miles and Mahindra 19 miles. Fortunately for me, I have choices and more importantly service if and when I need it. I believe you need to buy a good product but I also believe the service should be just as good and if it aint, go somewhere else.
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