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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ned5485, May 2, 2007.

  1. Ned5485

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    I am sure that the price of gas sucks for everyone as much as it does for me. I am considering a diesel truck. I know that the engine should last longer and has more torque/better for towing. But I am wondering about fuel efficiency. Diesel is cheaper at the pump, but will I get more miles too? Anybody know what the difference is? Here in southern IN, diesel is almost $.50 cheaper at the pump. I am thinking if diesel gets better mileage, it will pay for itself fast. Anybody have a gas and a diesel for a side by side comparison?

  2. JB1

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    show me where its fifty cents cheaper at the pump, anywhere I see it its twenty to twenty five cents a gallon more. add the several thousand dollars more for the diesel engine and I'm gonna look a lot closer at a gas engine next time.
  3. Gruneich Lawn Care Inc.

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    diesel is usually pretty close to the same price as gas here in SD, depends on where you go
  4. Gravel Rat

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    Right now diesel fuel is cheaper with regular gas at 4.13 a gallon and diesel fuel is 3.33 a gallon and gas prices are just going to climb higher.
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    Gas here is $3.09, while diesel is $2.89. My personal opinion is if you intend on keeping your truck for over 10 years, then go diesel. If not, just go with gas. I myself, love the torque, power, and everything else that goes with diesel engines, so thats what I choose.:usflag:

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    Take it from a former fleet manager, do the math. Let's say Fuel is a wash, diesel costs as much/more than gasoline which is where it isd in most places. Cheap diesel is off road (which I have available for my equipment at $2.25 gal. IT WILL DISABLE A NEW VEHICLE ENGINE, because new diesel vehicles have a opacity sensor to determine whether you are using diesel that is correct for road use.

    Ok, gasoline Vs diesel truck new. The gasoline truck costs $6-$8K LESS than a similar diesel truck, so off the start your fuel savings has to make up that price difference right off. Lets see how many miles it takes before you start "saving" money. OK, gas engine 12mpg, diesel 16mpg city mileage.

    Lets say your yearly mileage/usage is 15,000 miles Here's the cost of gasoline:
    15,000 divided by 12 (mpg) = 1250 gallons of fuel @$2.85 = $3562., yearly cost.

    Ok, diesel, 15,000 miles divided by 16 (mpg) = 938 gallons X $2.85 = $2671.

    Off the bat you save, $891. Big savings!. Now you figure @$891 average savings per year how long will it take to pay off the initial price difference of the two trucks, $8,000 (price more for diesel) divided by $891 = equals years before saving money. That makes 9 years before the fuel cost savings equals what you paid for the truck, plus I didn't take into account the higher cost of maintenance (many diesels take 12-14 quarts of oil @3000 mile oil changes), expensive fuel and air filters $18 fuel, $30-$40 air, plus the cost of financing the extra money ($8000 for the diesel on the onset) which probably will cost you an extra $400 per year

    Ok. higher maintenance cost $300 per year
    Higher finance $400. per year added to your fuel cost of $2671 = $3371 cost per year VS gasoline, $3762 (gasoline with maintenance added)

    The difference is $400 dollar savings a year diesel, divide that into initial cost,
    equals 20 years, your truck will be most likely dead before you realize savings.
    In the Gas company I managed, pickups were replaced at 10 year intervals, because after that repair costs became astronomical. Even if you buy used diesel trucks still hold a $5000 dollar premium over a similar gasoline truck. My advice, buy a one to two year old gasoline truck and drive the crap out of it.
    Buy a diesel truck if you like diesels, but don't look for savings, it isn't there. I run diesel lawn equipment, but a gasoline truck, trust me, it's cheaper!

  7. Gravel Rat

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    The way prices of regular gas is going on the West Coast even down into Pacific Northwest you can't afford to run a gas powered truck. The oil refineries say there is a gas shortage so the price of fuel is climbing higher.

    Say your in the light trucking business like I'am a V-10 powered F-450 or F-550 will break you in fuel. A V-10 F-450 only sees 6 mpg at best so the truck is burning about 30.00 dollars per hour in fuel. My diesel F-450 6.0 gets 12 mpg and is burning 12.57 per hour in fuel.

    At 50 dollars per hour the diesel truck makes after fuel expense 37.43 per hour the V-10 it leaves you with 20 dollars per hour.

    I put on about 20,000kms a year (12,428 miles) and burn 3900 dollars in diesel roughly a V-10 would cost me 8800 dollars in gas there is a 4900 dollars saving in fuel running. The maintenance costs between a gas and diesel isn't that great especially because parts for the V-10 are not cheap.

    I usually keep my trucks for 4 years and get rid of them after 4 years they are thrashed. I may keep the 03 longer because it will only have at the most 170,000kms on it 106,000miles. I also not so fond of the new 08 Ford body style.

    I had gas pots never again I can't afford to run a truck that only gets 6-8mpg. As for a V-10 getting good fuel mileage maybe east of the rockies where its flat lands. A gasser screaming at 3500-4000 grand isn't fuel efficient.
  8. mverick

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    I'm looking at it this way.

    If gas prices continue to go Up, Up, Up... My diesel prices will go up. But, if they get to crazy, I can run and make my own Bio fuel. At around $1 a gallon. So, it's called hedging my bet. Now I get better mileage and everything is a wash with maint. If prices go up I'll start making my own and save a whole lot of money.

    I wouldn't ever buy another Gas truck.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    The price of diesel isn't going to skyrocket like gas because if the oil companies raise the price of diesel it will hurt the trucking industry and construction industry which will in turn kill the economy in the US and Canada.

    If the economy takes a dive the oil companies will loose big time. The trucking business is already on the verge of no profit high fuel prices will end up killing it.

    With these high prices alternative fuels is going to be looked at more and more. Bio-diesel is the fuel of the future and the oil companies know it. All what needs to happen is quit turning farm land into housing developements.
  10. lawnmaniac883

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    You can play the price vs savings game all day, bottom line is a diesel gets better mileage has more power and lasts alot longer. I dont know what diesel requires an oil change every 3000 miles ... the cummins in my truck goes for 7500 until an oil change and can go longer than that.

    I will agree that diesel vs gas is personal preference and probably wont count for huge savings over time BUT I would rather pay the manufacturer of my vehicle more $$ for putting out a more efficient vehicle than pay the greedy ass fuel giants more $$ for giving me GAS. JMO go diesel

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