Diesel Vs. Gas

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Birddog Lawncare, May 13, 2004.

  1. Birddog Lawncare

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    First off I'm a part timer in the green industry. I currently have a Chevy 1500, and I drive about 25 miles each way to work. Then I mow through the week. How much of a differnce in gas mileage is their between a standard gas engine vs. the Chevy HD diesels. Repairs? I'm wanting to get a crew cab 4 x 4 and I really like the Chevy HD's.
  2. blafleur

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    In your case, there will be very little difference. As much as I love my diesel, if I was in your situation, I couldnt justify the diesel.

  3. Jackman

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    There should be considerable differance in mpg, I am a Ford man however as a comparison my two trucks are a 92 F-250 HD 4X4 with a 351 AND A 97 F-250 HD 4X4 with a Powerstroke the gasser gets 8 -10 mpg and the diesel gets 15-19... A diesel is a big chunk of money up frount but worth it imop its a much better work engine no matter who makes it....
  4. blafleur

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    Much bigger difference in the Ford than the Chevy. Chevy 1500's bet pretty good mpg usually. There would be a really big difference if you pulling something.
  5. Mdirrigation

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    Today Gasoline $2.01 per gallon Diesel $ 1.71 per gallon
  6. cspurr

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    I am a Ford man, but let me tell you...I own a 97 F350 Dump with a 460 GAS engine...it has a lot of power, but it drinks gas like nobody's business...all tallied I get on average 8-9 mpg - and that really sucks with the way fuel prices are today, $2.16 here in Fort Wayne, IN as of the time of this post. If it were a diesel I would be getting about 13-14 City and at the very least 18-19 Highway. A very significant difference in the end. Plus, take my advice...if you are doing this kind of work and hauling equipment, the diesel is the only way to go...you will have far fewer problems with the diesel.

    hope this helps,
    Fort Wayne, IN
  7. NNJLandman

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    Depending on what you plan on doing in the future and what your work load is, I would almost in any case go with a diesel truck. I have a gas job 1500 truck myself and it suits me ok, but diesel.....theres nothing like it especially with these gas prices now a days. Diesel gives off great milage and awesome power. My boss has 2 gas rigs and 4 diesel rigs.....you can tell the difference. In my opinion you would be better off with a diesel long term.

  8. Premo Services

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    I bought a dodge w/cummins diesel in january of this year and I am soo glad I did. The mileage has doubled over the 1/2 ton gmc 4x4 gas engine that I used for 8 years in this business. The power still amazes me!!!! I am driving more miles than last year and spending about 1/2 as much in fuel for the vehicle.... It has to be the best decision that I made in this business. Now I am working on replacing the mowing equipment to diesel, but that may take awhile, I have blown all my extra money on truck, employee, plow, blade grinder, and other toys. ;) :) :D :cool:
  9. Green Pastures

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    I love my 99 Ford F-250 with the V-10, but my next truck will have a diesel motor in it.

    The only reason is mileage.
  10. TheKingNJ

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    Premo Services, what year dodge is that you have?

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