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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ince8728, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. ince8728

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    OK so the engine in my 03 walker went with 1500 hrs on it(bought it used). I was thinking long-term about my buisness and got to thinking about the walkers with the 3cyl diesel. I know that a well maintained gas engine on a walker can go to 3000-3500+ hrs but what about a well maint diesel, 6000 hrs? The benifits to a diesel I know are better fuel economy, more torque, and last for ever. I've heard that the starters were kind of weak on the walker diesels but i would take that over having to replace the gas engine every 3-4 years. What are your thoughts guys, am i on the right track or completely wrong. Please share all suggestions and comments.

    - Matt
  2. out4now

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    When we priced them it was an expensive option but for us it would have been cheaper to run the Diesels. Our problem was the mechanic, if it wasn't "green" he wouldn't touch the machine.(He was a Deere junkie.) The deisels are heavier too. Cost vs benefit analysis for this situation is required.
  3. lawn king

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    Diesel is the way to go! I own a kubota,isuzu and powerstroke, they are all great engines. I believe walker uses the kubota. It is very powerful, good on fuel and very quiet. If you run equipment forever (i do) diesel is the only choice. I have never had starter problems with the kubota.
  4. ODwyerPW

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    I'm pro diesel with regards to my automobiles. However, not sure that I'd want to walk behind a diesel exhaust pipe all day.
  5. rodfather

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    Diesels for the most part do not require as much comparable horse power as in a gasoline engine due to torque. We have three Toro 325D Groundsmasters that will mow down grass waist high. Our Ford F-350 PSD's have all the pull in the world.

    When you can afford it, buy diesel IMO.
  6. mownredneck

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  7. ince8728

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    thanks guys, I was thiken along those lines about not needing as much HP due to the torque. The only thing I may feel iffy about is the weight. I think that maybe walker uses the same starter as they do for their gas engines but i'm not sure. Does a diesel require and special maintenance that wouldent be seen in a gas engine?

    - Matt
  8. Cobra Jock

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    Matt, Walker doesn't make any of their own starters because Wallker doesn't make any engines! Kohler make the starters for Kohler engines (gas) and Kubota makes the starters for Kubota engines (diesel) I believe Walker only offers these two engine manufactures! I driven a Kubota ZD 21-60, which has basically the same engine as the Walker and it ran really strong and quite. 20 hp on a 48 inch deck should be plenty of power! :cool2:

  9. Travis Followell

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    If you can afford the diesel then go for it.
  10. ztrlvr

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    The diesel on a Walker adds 110 lbs. and is rated at 21.9 HP @3600 and 34 lbs torque@2600. The engine is bulletproof

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