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Hi Exmark,

I recently purchased a Lazer XP with the 27 Hp Diesel. First let me say WOW, what a awesome machine. I was always very happy with the cut on my old Trivantage decked mowers. The cut of the Ultracut deck is even better. Great job.

My Question is...Would it be damaging to the engine to disconnect the pre heat circuit. I have noticed the engine starts fine if you (accidentally) forget to wait until the preheat light goes off. So I wanted to be able to just start the engine without waiting for the preheat to go off by disconnecting it. I know it's only 5 seconds but it seems so long when it's not always necessary.

I tried pulling the 40 Amp fuse for the preheat circuit to disable it but it made the buzzer stay on when the engine was running.
How could I safely disable the preheat?

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