Diesel Z tandem pump failure

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by fireman9, Sep 11, 2012.

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    So it's happened I've just had my right side pump fail... started steering "funny" so I stopped and checked that I didn't have anything hung up underneath. Felt like the brake was dragging, oil was very hot, made sure the cooler was clean and the fan was working, let it idle and cool down for a short time till I could touch the oil tank without fear of burning my hand.(I've never had the happen before) Mowed about 6 more 80 foot strips and BLAMO right side stick shook violently and an immediate stop on the right wheel causing a sudden right turn.

    So my question is are the pumps available separate or do they come as an assembly? What else to change other then the filter and a real good flush of everything?

    Would it be covered under warranty?
    mod # 928614a
    ser # 08050486
    just clicked 870.0 hours

    I bought the machine 2nd hand. When was the in service date? is the 08 in the ser# in reference to the model year?

    P.S. It is still shutting down randomly but it seems to be the control module. one light tap with the butt of a screw driver and its fine for a week or so. Haven't had time to order one yet... seems like I now have time.:laugh:
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    The twin pump system comes as a pair, part number 601318. When it comes to the wheel motor it's like the question"which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Did the motor take out the pump, or has the failed pump damaged the motor? I have seen only the pump being replaced and all systems are good. But, the odds are against that. Most of the time I've seen a second failure taking out the wheel motor and the new pump. If there is damage in your wheel motor you can bet no matter how well you clean and flush, your new pump life will be shorten.

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