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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by DSLS, Sep 10, 2013.

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    I do know unless they change the frame a diesels sits high in the frame if your converting from gas. A diesel motor is abbout 3 ft tall and its weaviest at the top. My grasshopper and kubota the engine sits less than 6 inches off the ground and all of the machine weight is less than waist high. I don't think you would get that in gravely with a diesel.
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    Sorry boys, It's been a long week. DSLS was asking about a Gravely 460 diesel, that is what I demo'ed last week. I also took a 460 gasser out for a demo earlier this summer. The diesel version is slower, and very weak when climbing a hill. It had a hard time climbing the hill and mowing at the same time. It was fine going down the hill. I think the problem is the smaller, but heavier motor, and transmission combo. The Gravely rep believed that all diesels do this. That I didn't agree with. This mower did a sloppy job cutting wet grass from 4" down to 3.25". It left a lot clippings. I don't know if any other mower would have done a better job. Like the rep said, "What did you expect? The grass is still wet."
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    Definitely something wrong there. Diesels are known for their torque, and while they may lug down some under load (like going up a hill) they only do so to a point because that's how they are designed and when their torque skyrockets, and will then keep on chugging along long after a gas engine gives up and stalls.

    The QOC shouldn't change just because one is diesel and one is gas unless the manu doesn't change the pulley set up to accommodate the diesel's lower engine rpm's at operating speeds. I've owned several diesel compact tractors ranging from 21 hp to 40 hp, and there is no gas engine machine in the same class with any of them that will do what they can do.
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    Ridin' I think your on to something. If the deck and hydro pulleys are the same size as the gas version this could cause both problems. The diesel runs at a lower rpm like you said.
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