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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by westsweeper4, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Im looking to purchase a diesel ZTR. Right now Im looking at a used Ferris IS4500Z with 60" deck and a 28hp Cat about 100 hours. Also considering a new Bad Boy 35hp cat 60" deck or a new Toro with the 52" deck 25hp Kubota.

    Right now, Im leaning towards the Toro since most of the yards are smaller down here in Florida. Any other manufacturers make a 52" deck with a diesel?

    And since your wondering why diesel, I am currently making my own Biodiesel and it costs me about $1 gallon. So with some basic math, 3000 hours using an estimate of .75 gallons/hr I would use 2250 gallons over the life of the mower. Running Biodiesel I would spend $2250 on fuel versus current USLD #2 diesel costing $10125 IF prices remain at $4.50 for diesel.
  2. The Cat powered mowers are considerably heavier than the Kubota powered Toro.
    I was checking out a left over 23 Hp Toro while in your area last Feb. If your distributor still has it it could save you a few bucks.
  3. westsweeper4

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    Yea the weight is another issue. I know the Ferris is close to 2000 lbs while the bad boy is 1550 lbs according to their site.

    Is it possible to be "too" heavy? Does the St Augustine down here hold up to it well?
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    Grasshopper makes a great 52" diesel machine. It has a Kubota diesel and will provide you with good service for thousands of hours. Check out their 321D model.
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    +1 for Grasshopper

    Our 722D diesel is averaging .6 GPH

    the wider tires help to eliminate "ruts"

    no problems with st. augustine because we stagger our passes (to eliminate "ruts") and are careful with our turns

    Kubota liquid-cooled engines (gas or diesel) are awesome, one of ours has 7,000 hrs and runs as new

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    interesting thoughts so far... keep them coming

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    Dixie and Encore are the dominate diesel machines here but you might look at the Bobcat diesel same weight as the gas version and uses a v twin diesel!
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    I just purchased a new Toro 25hp Kubota with the 72 inch deck this spring and I am loving it. I am very happy with the TurboForce cut and the power of the diesel. I too make biodiesel and run a 33% blend in this machine. I have a 300 gallon tank in the shop so every time I have 200 gallons of diesel delivered, I blend in 100 gallons of bio. Keep in mind that Toro only recomends a 20% blend. I ran a 50% blend in my 05 Duramax all winter w/o problems.

    I am still running about .75 gallon an hour usage right now but the mower has less than 50 hours on it. I would expect the usage to get down to .5 to .6 an hour once its broken in.


  10. westsweeper4

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    Being in Florida, I have been able to run B100 for the past 6 months or so with no problems at all. Other than a few filters at the beginning everything is going good.

    Im still waiting to hear back from the cat dealer on running B100 in the mower. He told me B50 would be ok, so even that is a better deal than running straight #2

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