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    I've finally completed my diesel lineup. I started last summer by purchasing a 2001 DC xxwd2600-72. I liked it so well that last fall in purchased a low houred 2001 xxwd5000-72. It's a genuine beast! Last week I bought a 2002 xxwd5000-72, also quite low hours and in like new condition. In the next week or so I'll take delivery of my new 2004 xxwd5000-72 DC to complete my everyday lineup of DC diesels. I took the pump off the 26 hp diesel and had it tweaked to put out 30-31 hp and it made it like a new mower. We also jumped the rpms a tad and it now turns 3850 with blades engaged no load. All of these machines are equipped(or will be) with meg-mos. I expect to almost cut in half my fuel consumption from last year when for most of the season I only ran the one(26hp)diesel. Time to go to work..............Lynn
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    Lots of luck with your" tuned" up diesel. Let us know how long it lasts. Dont you know excessive rpm will kill a diesel.
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    also when u *tweak* the fuel it uses more fuel .
  4. gorrell

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    the pump was "operated" on by a reputable diesel service. Also the rpms were only increased by a couple of hundred, well within yanmar limits. No worries................Lynn

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