diff between air control and air lift kit

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  1. midyette06

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    i have had some quality issues with the cut with 60'' xr7.so i purchased the air control kit i think i should have gotten the air lift kit.what is the part number and can i order this stright frome hustler?
  2. mowerconsultant

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    You need to install the air lift kit, this can be done by your dealer at no charge.
    It is part # 108213
    You can not get it direct from Hustler, it must go through your dealer.

  3. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    I'll buy your air control kit ifthe price is right.
  4. dwilmi

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    I have a 2006 Super Z 26LC Kawi with 72' XR7 deck-- I recently purchased a air lift kit with baffels because I was so tired of seeing the strip of uncut grass on the that is common with these decks. I bought the kit from a dealer on ebay but there were no instructions with it. Can some one post a picture of ther deck with this kit or a link with the instructions--it would be much appreciated!!!!!
  5. hustlermidwest

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    Shoot me the model and serial number and I'll search for the SB on it. Have you checked the parts manual on line for your model?

    Brian O
  6. dwilmi

    dwilmi LawnSite Member
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    model #927947 Serial #06081698

    Thanks for your help
  7. hustlermidwest

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    I'm on the road with internet limits, I'm having issues attaching the file. I posted it before on the thread "need help Hustler XR7 deck??"
    Look there if this doesn't load.

    Brian O
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  8. dwilmi

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    I found it--That helps a bunch--I was wondering if the existing air flow baffles stayed or were taken out --this shows they stay--thanks again for your help
  9. soooie

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    HUSTLERMIDWEST, What are you speaking of when you mention an air lift kit with baffles. Does this lift the grass up higher than hi-lift blades alone? This sounds interesting and would like to hear more. I have a 2013 FasTrak 48. I cannot find any info on them on Hustlers web site.
  10. hustlermidwest

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    Prior to the VX4 deck, our XR7 deck and others were not as adjustable as today's decks. We made one deck for the nation and had to modify it pending on the location and the types of grass.
    Today's decks have been designed to have these adjustments built into the deck. Your 2013 fastrak does not require any modifications other than blade types.

    Brian O

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