diff between exmark metro and toro proline?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by shm, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. shm

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    assuming same kawa 15hp engine,fixed deck size, and pistol grips...what are the differences between the toro proline and the exmark?
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    If you’re comparing pistol grips it is my understanding that the only difference on the machine is the handle assembly itself. Ours is constructed and shaped a little differently. I believe they also offer a container that holds the manuals and our mulch kit is slightly different.

    The biggest difference is our personnel, the quality of our distributors and the quality of our dealers. We simply do more training, trouble shooting and get out in the field more than any manufacturer I am aware of. We conduct maintenance training, safety training for the operators as well as service seminars for our dealers and distributors. Hopefully this translates in to better prepared dealers and distributors. We spend more time using tools like Lawnsite, not to sell more mowers but to take care of the customers that already have our stuff.

    When have you ever seen an Exmark representative in the general forum trying to sell someone an Exmark mower? You won’t because we feel the general forum is better utilized by our customers to help others. It's not always about selling more stuff, it's about taking care of the guys and gals that have trusted you and your product enough to lay down their hard earned money on a new Exmark.

    We've built a reputation for service and we're not perfect but we do try our best. I doubt you'll find any manufacturer that dedicates the number of people and resources to taking care of the customers they have. We have a great engineering team that is just down the hall that we can call on when there is a question that we can't answer. Our production people are also a valuable resource not just for what they build but the knowledge they have. They often explain how a new component goes together so that I can explain it to a dealer or to an owner/operator when they are making a repair.

    The biggest advantage we have is our people and the pride they take in what they do.

    Sorry if I got long winded. I am very proud of the guys and gals that we have here at the Exmark plant. They do a great job and sometimes don't get as much recognition as they should. We really do have a solid team here and that allows all of us to do our job just a little better, solve a few more issues and make a few more people happier with our mowers.


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    I agree with Terry. The difference is the support and dealers. HUGE difference there. No reason not to buy an Exmark rider.

    On walk behinds, I'm still waiting for a better steering system from Exmark. I suspect Toro proline would collapse if Exmark belt drives showed up with T bar steering as an option, though.

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