Difference between 16 hp honda engine on fastrak and minifastrak

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    I noticed that both the fastrak and mini fastrak are available with a 16 hp honda twin engine. I am assuming that these engines are tuned differently as the fastrak specifications indicate a max. torque of 31.7 ft lbs @ 2500 rpm whereas the mini fastrak specifications show a max. torque of 26.9 ft lbs @
    2500 rpm. Is this correct that the fastrak 16 hp honda engine produces roughly 20% more torque than the mini fastrak 16 hp honda engine. It appears that the single cylinder Kohler engine on the mini fastrak 42 produces more torque (27.9 ft lbs) as well as more horsepower than the corresponding 16 hp honda engine. What is the advantage of the honda over the kohler engine in this application. I am trying to decide between these engines.

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    Aside from the torque and horse power issue you already know about, I asked the same question and found that there is about a $500.00 premium for the Honda, but it comes with a longer commercial warranty Vs. 90 day for the Kohler. Homeowners get the same warranty which I believe is three years with either engine. Your dealer can tell you more :D

    I don’t see a problem with the kohler, we have tons of them, (kohlers, Briggs, Honda etc.) and for the money you save it would darn near pay for a repair or replacement if you should ever need it. :mad:

    On top of that I believe you’ll find the Kohler parts readily available just about anywhere, which means you won’t have to push a mower because parts are hard to get!
    I love quality and don’t mind paying for it, but if you take care of a Kholer I don’t think a homeowner will have a problem.
    If you have clean air and good clean quality fuel the oil will have an easier time keeping the wear out. I changed mine after my second cut, simply because oil also deteriorates from the condensation over time. In other words, from the time an engine gets assembled and into your hands, 6 months may have passed, and the condensation will break it down. So I just keep my oil fresh and filters clean and it’ll last!
    Just MHO.
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    I believe you have found a misprint in our literature, I will look into how we missed this.....
    The 16hp Honda we use on the FasTrak is the same exact engine we use on the Mini FasTrak, the correct torque is 26.9 @ 2500 rpms.
    Here is a link to the Honda spec sheet http://www.honda-engines.com/gxv530.htm
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    Either engine when used in a residential manner will carry a 2 year warranty.
    The advantage of the Honda is it is a v-twin, it runs a little more quiet and a little more smooth.
    Of course the Kohler 17 is 1 hp more and has 1 more ft lb of torque, you need to weigh out your choices and maybe listen to and drive both to make your decision.


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