Difference between 5 hp Little Wonder and Redmax 8000

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. joed

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    I'm thinking of getting a used 5 hp Little Wonder blower. It is a year old and has the 5 hp honda engine on it. Asking price is $500 Canadian. My other choice is to add another Redmax 8000 blower ( I already have one) or a Shindaiwa 8510 blower. Both of the backpacks are going for $700 Canadian. Does the 5 hp little wonder significantly outperform the redmax 8000 blower? Little Wonder's literature indicates that their 5 hp units have twice the power of the backpacks. True or not?
  2. Lynden-Jeff

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    Well althought little wonder does not provide CFM stats giantvac does. For a 5.5 hp Classic gianvac blower it does 1700 CFM. Compare to a redmax 8000 and you should have your answer. Now with the w/b you lose mobility. I just purchased a new b/s 8 HP little wonder for $1200 in burlington. I like it alot.

  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I dont own an 8000, but I do own the 7001. I purchased a used little wonder 5hp blower and it does ok. What I have found out, is that I can push the blower and cover more ground than I can walk with the back pack. I think it has alot to do with the delivery of the airstream. With the ground blower the airstream is ground level and moving the leaves. With the back pack the tube is pointing towards the ground and seems to make the leaves leave the ground and become air born. Also when I said I could push the blower easier , that was cleaning a parking lot. I dont think the little wonder has 2 times the power of a backpack, not any of the top of the line blowers anyway. Maybe someone else with more exp will chime in

  4. geogunn

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    I have a snapper 5 hp wheeled blower and I never use it. the good thing is I got it new for less than half price so I am not out too much money.

    I dunno how the snapper would compare to the lil wonder of the same HP.

    but for the jobs I do, I simply don't like maneuvering the thing around.

    with the backpack, I feel I can maneuver much more quickly.

    GEO :)
  5. greengiant9963

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    I have a Honda 5HP little wonder. It is 2 years old and has been used very little. Actucally only is on the trailer for about 2 to 3 weeks in fall. I don't have Remax but have a BR600 stihl which I like alot for leaves. The little wonder does have alot more pushing power but to get in tight spots and beds with i use the backpack. I would be interested in selling the Little Wonder for $400 American if you are interested. I live in a Sub. outside of Buffalo. just under 2 hour drive from Toronto. If you are interested I could get some pics taken of the unit.
  6. lawnspecialties

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    Joed, it all depends on what you're needs are. I actually have an 8000 and a 5hp Briggs Little Wonder. The Little Wonder always stays home except the day I maintain an 8 acre church with a huge parking lot. Then it gets to "earn it's keep". If I didn't have the church as an account, I'd have no use for it. Typical smaller parking lots (especially filled with cars) are better served with a backpack blower. But when I'm at the church, it's a valuable piece of equipment.:)
  7. ed2hess

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    We have a 13hp Billygoat WB and it is advertised to move more stuff than 2 and 1/2 Redmax 8000. I agree that with the air down low it seems to do better than back packs. The 13hp is just to heavy to move across lawns so the 5hp might be good for that situation.
  8. LarryF

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    OK, I'll chime in. I have the same pair, a 5 HP Little Wonder and a Redmax 7001. Just got the Redmax recently but I've had the Little Wonder for a long time. I had put a new engine in the Little Wonder last year and didn't bother with a short block at the time because I was in a hurry. But I did save the old engine thinking I would short block it when I had more time so I'd be ready if and when the existing one craps out. But now that I have the Redmax, those plans are out the window. I doubt if I'll ever use the Little Wonder much any more, so I sure don't expect I'll ever need another engine for it. I guess the walk-behind might be good, perhaps better for flat open areas, but I don't need it for that because I also have a Cyclone Rake. What I need a blower for are my hills and around the shrubs, and the 7001 wins those contests with no trouble at all. In my area, 10 years ago the LCOs all seemed to use a lot of Little Wonders, but now it looks like they only use backpacks, and a lot of those look like they are Redmax.

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