difference bt 450 / 550 trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by meets1, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Looking at this for a while now. These trucks hold there value! I am almost leaning towards new. Dealers have located alot of 450 truck, mostly ford, all but one has a v10 i think, everything else is diesel. Also the ford seems to beat the dodge in price right now with sale, incentives, ect but I understand they want the 13's off the lot. Only thing I dont like is everything is white. I am tired of everything else out there being white. So what is the main difference of a 450 vs 550 truck? Is it worth the extra money?

    Truck used for mainly landscape. Haul the few ton of rock to small jobs, mulch, dirt, maybe make a leaf box in the fall. Possible to put on a sander in the winter..not sure but then winter time truck will sit unless it snows - probably use it for the side walk cres, little blowers, spreader, a few bags of ice melt.
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    The gvwr"........
  3. GreenI.A.

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    I believe one of the biggest differences between the two is the rear end. I believe the 450 has the same rear end as the 360 duelly, where 550 rear end is the same as 650/750, but don't hold me on that though. I would stay away from the v-10, if you put a lot if miles on it, the diesel will quickly pay for itself between fuel and maintenance costs. I have the v-10 in my 250, empty I get 10-11 on the highway if I baby it, put a ton in the bed or on a trailer, and it drops to 8mpg.
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    Don't the 550/5500 have larger brakes than the 450/4500 and 1 tons?
  5. Mark Oomkes

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    Wrong and wrong.

    Rear ends for 450/550 are the exact same.

    650/750's are not necessarily the same, either. Depends on engine HP, tranny, gear ratio, etc.

    I used to think\know that diesels were worth the money, but that was back when they were a $3-4K upgrade, not $9-10K.

    Larger than 350's but not 450's.

    Basically 250-350 SRW are the same. DRW may have larger brakes, but I am not positive.

    450-550 are the same.

    650-750 are more or less the same.

    Listen to alldayrj, he was the first and correct answer.
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    350 has a heavier frame than the 250 from what i have heard. Im assuming it would be the same between the 450 and 550. I would go for the 550 as I have heard of alot of people buying 450s and going back and buying a 550 because the 450 wasnt enough truck

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